3 Reminders On How To Conquer Your Challenges

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Keep in mind the videos below will only give you a sample of the actual content that is covered in the keynote presentation. It’s only the substance. However, the style is where the magic happens.

It’s a breathtaking EXPERIENCE! Rene takes the attendees on a mesmerizing journey for 60 minutes or less where they experience one breakthrough after another. There are no words in the dictionary to describe that kind experience. Read the testimonials on this site and you’ll understand what we mean.

Point #1 Drive

speaker video Drive: Understand that drive is the only thing that will help YOU stay in the race. Without it, you will give up and walk away too easily.

The good news is, everyone is born with Drive or personal power. You simply need to train yourself to tap that power when it is needed.
CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO: Point #1 Drive: How To Tap Into Your Personal Power

Point #2 Duplicate

speaker video Duplicate: Success leaves clues. Do not waste time and energy trying to reinvent the wheels of success.

Your only job during tough times is to collect the right resources and skills to help overcome your challenges. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO: Point #2 Duplicate: How To Find The Right Resources To Get Unstuck

Point #3: Defend

speaker video Defend: Yes, you need to drive, you need to learn from what’s working. But, without the right mental states, you cannot apply the first 2Ds.

You need energy and stamina. That is why you must work on maintaining a positive attitude. More importantly, you must protect yourself from negative forces.

You have to learn how to manage those who try to dump their insecurities, fears, and worries on you. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO: Point #3 Defend – How To Protect Your Mind From Negative People