How To Be Indispensable In The Workplace And Destroy The Robots

If you have been in the workplace for the last ten or twenty years, you know it’s not what it used to be. In fact, things are not even what they used to be one or two years ago.

Digital disruptions have indeed disrupted everything. We used to compete with each other to get the best job or promotion. Today we have to worry about a different kind of competition.

The robots are coming to take over millions of jobs. It’s called the robot invasion. But there’s good news. Robots are not human beings. Yes, we now have smart everything. Smart telephones. Smart glasses. Smartwatches. Smart health monitoring. And some people are getting lazier by relying on those things too much.

The big question is, will robots or the smart devices ever be able to replace human beings entirely? The answer is a big NO.

Undoubtedly, the AI (artificial intelligence) pundits will engineer robots that hugely resemble, act, and behave like human beings. We will be blown away or even scared by their resemblance and intelligence. But there will always be a missing ingredient.

Men will never be able to put a soul or spirit inside a robot. It doesn’t matter how much computational power men put inside a robot; it will remain a smart and animated object without natural feelings and emotions.

Robots will never be able to feel and emote in real time base on meanings and meta-meanings. They are programmed to respond based on conditional logic. The term is IFTTT (If this then that.) That is called the “robot paradox.”

Alright, before anyone accuses me of being anti-progress or technology, let me say I am a big proponent of technological advances. I love technology! I encourage digital disruptions. That said, let me offer a few ideas on how to prepare to compete with the robots.

How To Compete With Robots In The Workplace

robot image

If you and I are going to compete with the robots and win, we must unleash our excellence. We have to show up every day and be so excellent and impressive that people would riot and demand to be served by us instead of robots. Excellence is our default.

There’s nothing ordinary about us. We are so complexed that it takes doctors years to become specialists in one part of the body. Some choose to study the heart, eye, hand, feed, kidney, ear, nose, etc.

After thousands of years, they are unable to master those parts fully. In the men vs. robots battle, we only need to be cognizant of who we are. We need to use our excellence to outthink and compete with the robots.

What is Excellence?

excellence quote

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant (Not Aristotle)

I’m sure there are many definitions of the word excellence. To me, excellence is an attitude. It’s not something or a skill you learn. It’s a state of being.

It’s showing up every day with the best version of yourself. Be remarkable. Stand out. Be so so amazing on purpose that your company will never trade you for a robot. It’s that simple.

Increase your value to the point where a robot cannot replace you in the workplace. In other words, the measure of your excellence hinges upon how powerfully you can engage and retain the attention and wow your coworkers, customers, and suppliers.

Excellence is your lever to make yourself indispensable in the workplace. The best part is, you don’t need any training, money, or connections to unleash your awesomeness. It’s already in you.

I came to the US when I was in my twenties. I was broke, and I was struggling to learn English. I could not get a decent job anywhere. I did many odd jobs to make ends meet.

A lady was offering CNA (certified nursing assistant) training. I signed up and obtained my CNA license. It was a significant achievement for me. I got a job to take care of a man who was in his senior years. He was wealthy and well connected.

However, it was tough for him to find and keep the right caretaker. Every week, they would hire a different person. That ended the day I arrived.

I delivered so much excellence that the entire family fell in love with me. I showed with the right attitude. Anything that needed to be done was my job. I would bathe the man, brush his teeth, and even help him have a bowel movement.

Then, I would do a few other things that were not in my job description. I would clean the bathrooms, mopped the floor, and water the plants. Yes, they had a maid, nurse, and all kinds of assistance.

But, it didn’t matter to me. I didn’t have the attitude that it’s my job or department. I was there to serve. The man eventually passed away in my hands around two o’clock in the morning. It was an incredible and magical experience.

As he was gasping for his last few breaths, he looked at me peacefully as if he wanted to say goodbye with gratitude. On the surface, it appeared that the man didn’t have much in common with me.

He was a wealthy Jewish American man, and I was a broke Haitian immigrant learning how to speak English. But we were spiritually connected.

We laughed and cried together. When the man was hurting, I would feel his pains. We bonded. His brother told I was the last best friend he had. That’s what I mean.

I consciously decided to be irresistibly excellent. Can a robot create such magical moments?

After Mr. Arnovitz’s death, a whole new world of opportunity showed up for me. The family fought over who gets to hire me. I had many offers… lots of choices.

Eventually, I settled to work for a hotshot law firm in Atlanta where one of the children was a founding partner.

3 Simple Ways To Be Excellent

1. Consciously Commit

Commit to being excellent. That’s the first step. Excellence is effortless once you commit to it. It’s who you are at your core. Take a walk down the street, and you will see loads of people living average lives.

Somehow, they have forgotten their awesomeness. They show up and do average work. They carry average conversations. It’s an unconscious process for them. They are not aware of it.

Excellence is a decision you make to stand out and be remarkable among the crowd. It’s a form of enlightenment.

2. Travel The Extra Mile

Decide to go the extra mile in everything you do. That alone should separate you from the ordinaries crowd. Think about it this way: The highway to success is extremely crowded. There is always a traffic jam.

Why not get on the extra mile lane so you can zoom your way to the top of your company? Have you ever seen people at the ivory toward in your company who don’t seem as intelligent as you are? Have you ever seen people who come in and they keep getting one promotion after another without much seniority?

It’s because they took the lane less traveled. That lane is called the extra mile lane. Most people show up to work and do just enough to get paid or not to get fired.

That means if you show up and do more than you are being paid for, you are a champion. To be average, you don’t have to do anything. Society has already conditioned us to be average.

3. Think Excellence

When you are doing your job, have the mindset that you are delivering excellence. If you are servicing a customer, don’t think of customer service. Instead, think of service excellence.

Ask yourself, “How can I wow this person and create a buzz about my company and myself?” Guess what happens when you ask yourself that question?

You automatically access your greatness. You are reprogramming your subconscious mind for excellence.

In Conclusion

As I said before, the world is going through some radical changes. And the train is not about to stop or slow down. Expect to see a takeover in your company.

Maybe your organization is in the middle of a merger or acquisition. Maybe another company will step in during process and acquire your company. It’s crazy! Maybe soon an army of robots will roll in and take over.

But, here’s what you must keep in mind:

Robots are objects. They are not human beings nor will they ever be. It’s time to up your game. The men vs. robots battle can only be won by showing up with the best version of yourself. You can connect soul to soul with people.

You can trigger the right emotions with your excellence. You can remain employable and indispensable by the sheer power of your awesomeness. Deliver excellence. Purposely amaze your co-workers, bosses, and customers.

When you get in the habit of shocking the world with your awesomeness, you will never be afraid of layoffs, acquisitions, or mergers. Your first step is to make an unwavering commitment to get an extra mile every day.

Always do more than what is expected of you. That’s how you position yourself for the next promotion. That’s how you get to climb the corporate ladder. That’s how you become indispensable.

Point #2 Duplicate: How To Find The Right Resources To Get Unstuck


There are times when you have the drive to keep pressing on. But somehow, you feel stuck. You just don’t know what to do. Your knowledge seems to be limited. That’s when you embrace the concept of duplication.

When you think you reach your limit, you start modeling success. Pause your ego and ask someone for help. Study others who are succeeding. The reality is, you already have the know-how inside of you. When you learn to duplicate, you are simply looking for winning ideas to spark your internal genius.

No matter what you are going through, millions have already gone through it. They figured out how to overcome your particular challenge. You can reverse engineer their success. You can do so through books, coaches, or mentors.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues. Find them. In this video, I reveal to you how to tap into the vast reservoir of knowledge that is waiting for you.

Point #2 Duplicate: How To Find The Right Resources To Get Unstuck 1


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Point #3 Defend – How To Protect Your Mind From Negative People


This is point #3 from The 3D Blueprint For Thriving Through Tough Times. It’s about protecting your mind from negative people so you can have peace.

Most people in life are positive. They are fun and pleasurable to work and live with. However, there’s a small percentage of the people who can be very negative and toxic.

That does not make them bad people. A behavior is never the person. Those people have good intentions. It’s just that their computers (minds) are infected with viruses.

The goal is not to try to fix them. It’s rather to understand why they behave the way they do. The way they behave has nothing to with you. They are who they are wherever they go.

Simply put, don’t take it personally. The mean and negative people are not targeting you. They are living their own drama.

Point #3 Defend - How To Protect Your Mind From Negative People 2

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How To Stop Going Through The Motions And Escape The Rat Race


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There are times when you feel like you are doing and doing without anything to show for your efforts. You are running the rat race.

It may be in your workplace, your business or relationships. Things are not progressing.

You look at your skills, degrees, and accolades. You have no evidence to back them up. If your life were a scale, your knowledge would weigh tons and your assets would weigh ounces.

So, what do you do? How do you stop going through the motions?

3 Ways To Escape The Rat Race

1- Gather And Store NEW Seeds

Have you ever seen how the squirrels are so busy during the warm seasons gathering seeds? Why? They are storing for the bad seasons when they can’t get out.

You need to do the same. In your case, I’m not talking about seeds. I’m talking about knowledge and wisdom.

Notice how I say to gather NEW seeds. It’s because I know you already have some knowledge. But during these times of unprecedented and disruptive change, you need to upgrade your mind. You need new skills.

Let’s face it. None of us were ready for this new world we are.

That’s why you must embrace change and pivot.

You cannot afford to be a dinosaur. You must renew your mind. You must become another you to deal with your current challenges. You have to start flooding your mind with new information.

Read Lots of Books.

Most people are not reading anymore. They prefer to either watch a short video online or read a blog post. The problem with that is not enough depth into the subject. And the information tends to be unorganized.

Let’s say you want to learn how to boost your self-esteem. You need to read a book that goes deep into the subject so you can take note and apply what you learn.

That said, I suggest you start reading personal development books. You want to start getting better so your situation can get better.

When you get better, everything gets better. Your business, performance in the workplace, and relationships automatically improve. It’s like magic!

Here are a few of the classic books on personal improvement I recommend:

Start with the following books:

Of course, I suggest you read my book Kick Your Excuses Goodbye. People from all over the world tell me how it transformed their lives.

Next, you want to start upgrading your current skills so you can stay relevant. Attend some seminars. Enroll in some online classes. There are many of them. Checkout There you can master pretty much anything you want.

Finally, get a coach or mentor. You are never too smart to get a coach. The best athletes in the world have many coaching. The billionaires and millionaires have coaches. The presidents of countries have coaches which they call advisors.

2- Protect and Defend Your Territory

As you begin to get better in every area of your life, there will be those who will try to deter and distract you.

I’m referring to the jealous people, the player haters, and the negative people in your environment.

Do not allow them to slow you down. Take an oath of allegiance to protect and defend yourself against those enemies. Don’t let them invade your territory

Think of it this way: If you work hard and save money, don’t let someone steal it. Your attitude, knowledge, and skills are your intellectual capitals. Protect them. Here’s how to protect them:

3- Clear Your Dead Stocks

Dead stocks are outdated merchandises in the retail industry. They diminish the value of the other merchandises. Therefore, they have to get rid of them.

It’s the same for you. You have friends and family members who are dead stocks. Get rid of them.

They are those who tend to put you down, discourage you, and make you feel less of yourself. Those people can destroy you physically and morally.

You need to surround yourself with cheerleaders, encouragers. And those who are fans. They are rooting for you. They want you to succeed. They are contributing to your wellbeing. They rekindle your spirit. They inspire you to dream bigger.

Simply put, do not keep around those you are barely tolerating. Make a list of all the people you spend time with and start checking off some names. Take a break from them to working on yourself and your dream.


I’m not talking about hating or getting even. No. In fact, you should never badmouth anybody.

Be kind about the way you begin to get rid of your dead stocks.

When you are in a conversation, and the name of the person comes up, always say something positive and uplifting.

What I’m trying to convey to you is this: Your situation will never improve until you improve. Change your circumstances require personal change. When you change, everything changes instantly.

However, you need to protect the new you from predators and miserable people.

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Rene Godefroy
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Never Be A Victim And Play The Blaming Game


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We all have suspicions. It’s in our nature. We tend to think someone or something is undermining our success.

We go from suspicions to blaming and excuses. If your business is struggling, you might believe that it’s the economy or the competition.

Blaming is a victim mindset. That’s giving away your power to act.

Many people come to me for coaching. They often come with a list of reasons for their situation.

They are stuck and frustrated because someone is doing it to them. In reality, nobody is doing anything.

It’s our reaction that determines how we feel about the events.

People are always going to be mean, inconsiderate, or jealous. But, that does not make them responsible for how we feel.

We have to accept responsibility for our results, good or bad.

So, if you don’t like the way things are going for you, take responsibility to change them. How do you do so?

The beginning of personal change is the end of blaming and excuses.

That’s right. It’s amazing what happens when you change. Everything changes instantly. Your situation improves.

The irony is, even when everything else remains constant, your condition will improve.

The economy is going to be bad or good. Your boss will behave the same. Your company will continue to introduce and implement new changes. The services or products you provide in your business will be the same.

In spite of all that, your finances get better. Your boss behaves differently. You embrace the changes in your workplace or personal life. You attract more customers to your business.

That’s is so awesome!

You don’t wake up and hope the economy would get better. You don’t complain, blame, or make excuses.

Instead, you start taking the different actions every day. You have a new philosophy or perspective on life.

You no longer curse your problems. You realize you cannot get to the next level of success without problems. Suddenly, challenges become your assets.

Simply put, personal change is the catalyst for significant improvement.

By the way, you might be thinking it’s hard to change. Right?

Au contraire, it’s a lot easier than you might imagine. It all begins with personal development.

Personal Development Unlocks The Door To Abundance.

You make a conscious decision to upgrade your mind. You do so, by reading lots of books, seeking out coaches and mentors.

If your relationship is heading in the wrong direction, you buy books on how to improve relationships.

If your business is going down, you get some books on marketing and finances. You attend some seminars. You hire a coach.

Do you see how easy it is?

Most people never grow. They continue to repeat one year over and over.

Yes, they may say they have been in business for 20 years. However, they have been practicing one year for twenty years.

In conclusion, I encourage you to start accepting personal responsibility right away. Decide to change your mindset. And watch how all the areas of your life will transform.

motivational keynote speaker

Rene Godefroy
Legendary Motivational Speaker,
Self-help Expert, And

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3 Clever Ways To Accept Negative Feedback Without Feeling Insulted


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Receiving negative feedback is not easy. It can hurt your feelings and make you mad. If you are not careful, you can get hostile and even revengeful.

On the other hand, you cannot get to the next level of success without either positive or negative feedback.

Now, this is not about positive feedback. No one has a problem receiving positive feedback. It’s what we want to hear.

But, imagine what would happen if your destination is Miami, Florida and you are heading north on the highway?

Without the feedback you are moving in the wrong direction, you would never make any progress.

It all comes down to this:

If you are stuck and not progressing, it’s because you are not getting enough negative feedback. It’s because you are not aware of what you are doing right or wrong.

More often than not, arrogance is why most people resist negative feedback. Some people are too cocky to admit they may be wrong. They think they have all the answers.

When I first came to the United States of America, I had one pair of pants, two shirts, and five dollars. I didn’t speak any English.

I would never be able to learn English without constant negative feedback.

Some people would laugh at me when I butchered the English language. Others would politely correct me.

The simple truth is…

You cannot increase your effectiveness by leaps and bounds if you are not open to negative feedback.

Here Are 3 Simple Ways To Receive Negative Feedback Without Grudges
1- Swallow Your Pride

If you think you are your mistakes, it’s your ego playing tricks on you. Negative feedback doesn’t mean you are dumb or unintelligent.

Your value and self-importance will increase proportionally with the amount of negative feedback you gracefully embrace.

Let me explain what I mean.

The more you improve, the more valuable you become to society. And you cannot improve without negative or positive feedback. You need both.

Tell yourself, “I will gracefully accept or reject feedback without grudges. I’m not and will never be what others think about me.”

My ability to get on a stage, connect with any audience, and create a lasting impact is because of negative feedback.

When I first started speaking, I delivered a motivational keynote I thought was great. Then the feedback forms arrived in the mail.

One lady gave me a devastating review. I was hurt. My ego was bruised. It took me a moment to recover.

The lady said my speech was too narcissistic. It was all about me, me, and me.

I reevaluated the speech. She was right.

I hired a speaking coach to help me make the speech more about the audience.

As a result, my value as a speaker went up. I started charging more.

If I allowed my arrogance to stand in my way for too long, I would continue to be a lousy speaker.

2- Be Selective About Who You Ask

Let’s face it. Some people don’t give you negative feedback because they care.

Often, they have an agenda. They want to tear you down or deflate your self-esteem. Do not allow yourself to be their victim.

Don’t take it personally.

Mean people will always be mean. They will always be among us. Don’t let them distract you.

Yes, I’m advising to be more open to negative feedback. But, that doesn’t mean you have to own the feedback either. Just say, “Thank you.” Then, mentally toss it.

3-Ask A Future Based Question

Before I jump into the details, let me remind you that feedback is about the past. And you cannot undo the mistakes of the past.

To do better in the future, we must ask two questions:
a) How did I make this mistake?
b) What can I do to improve?

With that in mind, you need to ask the person giving the feedback for suggestions on how to do better in the future. If the individual cannot give you at least one or two ideas, be cautious.

Chances are, the person is not qualified to give you feedback, or there’s an agenda.

Think about it this way:

If others are thoughtful enough to give you some feedback, they should be thoughtful enough to think how you can better.

Ask this question: “Do you have any suggestions on how I can do better in the future?”

In fact, you can discard everything I shared with you so far and run with that question.

Take a big notebook and start asking suggestions on how you can improve. Write down every idea without judgment. Just say, “Thank you for sharing.”

Some suggestions will be precious, and others will be worthless.


There’s only one way to get to the next level of success in life. Ask for feedback.

Don’t wait for others to voluntarily share their feedback with you. It may never happen.

Proactively ask your boss, “How am I doing?” As soon as he or tells you, ask, “What can I do to improve?”

Ask the last question even if they tell you that you are doing great.

You say, “Thank you for letting me know I’m doing great. But, if there’s one thing I can do to get better, what would you suggest?”

If you are the manager, ask the same questions to all your team members.

Ask your husband, wife, children, friends, customers, and business partners the same questions.

Be a feedback collector.

But, beware of player haters. If you have any inkling that their intention is to bring you down, skip them. Or politely thank them.

Then let their feedback roll off you like water off a duck’s back. Move on!

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Rene Godefroy
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