Inclusion In The Workplace Is Not A Choice. It’s A Necessity!

Let’s face it; the world is changing at a rapid pace. Our challenges are new and different. Businesses cannot afford to rely on old ideas to prosper. In fact, almost all the methods and strategies companies used to deploy to succeed are obsolete.

Yes, some things will never change. As an example, how people respond and behave will remain the same. For example, we have to continue wowing our customers and clients so they can stay loyal. However, the ways to do so are different. We now have new communication channels.

Even the value and supply chain we depended on to turn raw ideas into products and services are now radically different. New suppliers and providers are entering the marketplace every day from around the world.

The question is, how do we stay relevant and profitable in an economy that is so fickle?

The answer is simple: More Inclusion

It’s not enough to wait for the top executives at the C-Suite to come up with the right solutions. We need a new level of thinking. We need a big melting pot of ideas and insights.

We have to leverage the power of feedback.

That requires contribution at every level of the organization. We must inspire and engage everyone in the workplace in sharing their ideas.

Inclusion in today’s workplace is critical.

The world is shrinking. Our borders are almost nonexistent. The faces in the workforce are diverse. The remarkable thing is, everyone has a unique perspective. They see and process life with different lenses.

That’s why we need more inclusion in the workplace. Here’s another way to look at it:

Inclusion doesn’t mean to involve just the team members in the workplace. It’s also mean to include our customers and clients. It’s not enough to guess what would make want to buy from us.

We need to ask them. That means we need to include them so the can help us create what they want and need.

Think of McDonald’s. They now install computers inside their stores to allow the customers to customize their menu. They want to gather data on exactly what we wish to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It used to take years to collect that data. Now they get it in real time.

That’s what I mean by inclusion. Make every customer, employees, and suppliers a part of your process. And that is regardless of what they look like or sound like.

People want to contribute if we allow them. A sense of contribution is a deep psychological need they have to fulfill.

When we influence them to contribute, they also fulfill other needs such as love/connection and the need to belong.

So, start installing suggestion boxes at strategic locations around the company. Reward and appreciate your employees and customers for feedback and ideas.

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Rene Godefroy
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Point #1 Drive: How To Tap Into Your Personal Power

Here’s the first D Rene shares with his audiences during his keynote presentation. In order to stay in the race and thrive during turbulent times of change, you must find the drive to keep pressing.

The amazing thing is, you do not need to look for DRIVE out there. It’s already within you. It’s your God-given gift. In this video, Rene shares with you how to tap into power internal power to win during times of tough challenges.


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Point #2 Duplicate: How To Find The Right Resources To Get Unstuck

There are times when you have the drive to keep pressing on. But somehow, you feel stuck. You just don’t know what to do. Your knowledge seems to be limited. That’s when you embrace the concept of duplication.

When you think you reach your limit, you start modeling success. Pause your ego and ask someone for help. Study others who are succeeding. The reality is, you already have the know-how inside of you. When you learn to duplicate, you are simply looking for winning ideas to spark your internal genius.

No matter what you are going through, millions have already gone through it. They figured out how to overcome your particular challenge. You can reverse engineer their success. You can do so through books, coaching, or mentoring.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues. Find them. In this video, I reveal to you how to tap into the vast reservoir of knowledge that is waiting for you.


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Point #3 Defend – How To Protect Your Mind From Negative People

This is point #3 from The 3D Blueprint For Thriving Through Tough Times. It’s about protecting your mind from negative people so you can have peace.

Most people in life are positive. They are fun and pleasurable to work and live with. However, there’s a small percentage of the people who can be very negative and toxic.

That does not make them bad people. A behavior is never the person. Those people have good intentions. It’s just that their computers (minds) are infected with viruses.

The goal is not to try to fix them. It’s rather to understand why they behave the way they do. The way they behave has nothing to with you. They are who they are wherever they go.

Simply put, don’t take it personally. The mean and negative people are not targeting you. They are living their own drama.


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How To Stop Going Through The Motions And Escape The Rat Race

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There are times when you feel like you are doing and doing without anything to show for your efforts. You are running the rat race.

It may be in your workplace, your business or relationships. Things are not progressing.

You look at your skills, degrees, and accolades. You have no evidence to back them up. If your life were a scale, your knowledge would weigh tons and your assets would weigh ounces.

So, what do you do? How do you stop going through the motions?

3 Ways To Escape The Rat Race

1- Gather And Store NEW Seeds

Have you ever seen how the squirrels are so busy during the warm seasons gathering seeds? Why? They are storing for the bad seasons when they can’t get out.

You need to do the same. In your case, I’m not talking about seeds. I’m talking about knowledge and wisdom.

Notice how I say to gather NEW seeds. It’s because I know you already have some knowledge. But during these times of unprecedented and disruptive change, you need to upgrade your mind. You need new skills.

Let’s face it. None of us were ready for this new world we are.

That’s why you must embrace change and pivot.

You cannot afford to be a dinosaur. You must renew your mind. You must become another you to deal with your current challenges. You have to start flooding your mind with new information.

Read Lots of Books.

Most people are not reading anymore. They prefer to either watch a short video online or read a blog post. The problem with that is not enough depth into the subject. And the information tends to be unorganized.

Let’s say you want to learn how to boost your self-esteem. You need to read a book that goes deep into the subject so you can take note and apply what you learn.

That said, I suggest you start reading personal development books. You want to start getting better so your situation can get better.

When you get better, everything gets better. Your business, performance in the workplace, and relationships automatically improve. It’s like magic!

Here are a few of the classic books on personal improvement I recommend:

Start with the following books:

Of course, I suggest you read my book Kick Your Excuses Goodbye. People from all over the world tell me how it transformed their lives.

Next, you want to start upgrading your current skills so you can stay relevant. Attend some seminars. Enroll in some online classes. There are many of them. Checkout There you can master pretty much anything you want.

Finally, get a coach or mentor. You are never too smart to get a coach. The best athletes in the world have many coaching. The billionaires and millionaires have coaches. The presidents of countries have coaches which they call advisors.

2- Protect and Defend Your Territory

As you begin to get better in every area of your life, there will be those who will try to deter and distract you.

I’m referring to the jealous people, the player haters, and the negative people in your environment.

Do not allow them to slow you down. Take an oath of allegiance to protect and defend yourself against those enemies. Don’t let them invade your territory

Think of it this way: If you work hard and save money, don’t let someone steal it. Your attitude, knowledge, and skills are your intellectual capitals. Protect them. Here’s how to protect them:

3- Clear Your Dead Stocks

Dead stocks are outdated merchandises in the retail industry. They diminish the value of the other merchandises. Therefore, they have to get rid of them.

It’s the same for you. You have friends and family members who are dead stocks. Get rid of them.

They are those who tend to put you down, discourage you, and make you feel less of yourself. Those people can destroy you physically and morally.

You need to surround yourself with cheerleaders, encouragers. And those who are fans. They are rooting for you. They want you to succeed. They are contributing to your wellbeing. They rekindle your spirit. They inspire you to dream bigger.

Simply put, do not keep around those you are barely tolerating. Make a list of all the people you spend time with and start checking off some names. Take a break from them to working on yourself and your dream.


I’m not talking about hating or getting even. No. In fact, you should never badmouth anybody.

Be kind about the way you begin to get rid of your dead stocks.

When you are in a conversation, and the name of the person comes up, always say something positive and uplifting.

What I’m trying to convey to you is this: Your situation will never improve until you improve. Change your circumstances require personal change. When you change, everything changes instantly.

However, you need to protect the new you from predators and miserable people.

motivational keynote speaker

Rene Godefroy
Legendary Motivational Speaker,
Self-help Expert, And

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