Change Is Constant

The only thing that does not change is change itself. As long you are occupying space on this earth, you should expect to deal with change. You cannot give up in the face of change because it shows up to show you your strength.

If you run away and cower, you definitely will remain small. Your bigness is in the very thing you are trying to avoid. You gotta buckle up and face your issues and challenges.


  1. Jonha @ Happiness

    I always had an issue when it comes to change. I have always been so afraid of embracing that which is only constant thing in the world, change that is. But then I realized that if I try to avoid them, I would become obsolete and won’t grow. There’s nothing more liberating and more satisfying than the truth that change is essential in our growth and that once we overcome those challenges and manage to improve amidst the changes around us, we can become better and stronger.

    • Rene Godefroy

      Yes Jonha, change is necessary for growth. It’s the only thing that is constant. That’s how we build character and strength.

      It’s been said over and over. But we have to continue reminding ourselves that there is no progress without change.

      You have a lot going for you. Your accomplishments are spectacular! Keep pressing on! Great rewards are around the corner for you.


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