Irresistible Or Wow Customer Service Is Everything!

Customer service is everything should be every company’s motto. It’s how your organization can double or triple sales in spite of the current economic conditions. If you can figure out a way to help your company double or triple their sales, they will absolutely love you. You’ll get promoted fast and your income will increase dramatically.

The last few months have been terrible for businesses. The economic crises have forced many big and small businesses to shut their doors. Others are downsizing, laying off, and operating with great uncertainty. Because of the tsunami of change in the economy, companies are forced to drive some kind of change just to survive.

As I travel the country, I talk to many company executives. The stories I’m hearing are not good at all. No one knows when this will turn around. What I’m essentially offering you here is a way for you to help your company boost sales, increase cash flow and stay profitable? Would that make you look really good? You bet! Okay, here is the secret…

Up Your Customer Service Now!

That’s right. You can double sales by simply upping and doubling customer service. However, I’m not talking about your typical everyday customer service. I this economy, if you want to ramp up sales, and render the competition irrelevant, you have to provide superior customer service. Let’s look at the main levels of customer service…

3 Levels of Customer Service

  1. Meet Expectations. I’m assuming you know what your customers expect from you when they come to your business. Just so you know, everybody has expectations. They always expect something from you or your business. Your job is to uncover those expectations and meet them. Customers will leave you in a snap if their expectations are not met.
  2. Exceed Expectations. This is where you as an employee start making progress on becoming a valuable asset to your company. Basically, you figure out the customer’s expectations. Then you deliver above those expectations. Any company that is not doing so is not growing.
  3. WOW and Amaze Them. This is a vital one. You should put your entire focus on this one. It’s where the magic happens. It’s the one that makes you a fortune whether you are the boss or an employee. That’s when you totally render your competition irrelevant. That’s when the price is never an issue. You and all the people in your company should have an obsession with WOW and amazing customer service. Every customer should walk away saying, “WOW! That was amazing!” If you can get that kind of reaction from your customers, your company can slice their marketing budget in half. Why?

Your Customers Will Now Do The Marketing For You!

There’s no doubt that customer service is everything. When you and your team wow and amaze every customer, loyalty will skyrocket. Word of mouth and referrals will be automatic. You will touch your customers at an emotional level. By the way, all business is emotion. Customers only use logic for justification. But they all buy based on emotions.

WOW and Amazing customer service is everything. Years ago, there was a restaurant chain in Atlanta by the name of Chop Chop Chinese To You. They showed up strong and blanketed the entire city with a huge advertising campaign.

They were so clever. They used the name Chop Chop because the Atlanta Braves were winning big time. I’m telling you. Their hook was so timely. In the middle of the games on radio and television, their advertisings were blasting.

But there were several problems. The food was lousy. They didn’t give the customers enough to eat. And the service was average. Simply put, they were not meeting or exceeding expectations. And, they were not providing WOW and amazing customer service.

Well, you guess what happened to them, right? They went out of business REALLY fast even though they were operating in a booming economy. I bet the main reason they went out of business was that they were not providing WOW customer service.

Now, business owners will say they went out of business because of cash and a myriad of other reasons. The reality is, they were not generating enough WOW moments to make enough sales.

Have you ever wonder why the big companies that survived all kinds of recession or economic depressions continue to thrive in spite of their challenges? The answer is simple:

An Obsession For WOW Customer service Is Everything.

When I worked as a doorman for the Renaissance Hotel that is now owned by the Marriott Corporation, I experimented with it. On any given day, I could double, triple or even quadruple my tips by simply upping the level of service I provided to WOW moments.

Here’s your assignment. Seat down with a pen and paper. Then, ask yourself, “What can I do to create wow moments for my customers?” Let your imagination run wild. Think outside of the box to come up with creative ideas to amaze your customers.

There you go. I just gave you the key to the vault to get the raises and promotions you deserve. Go WOW and amaze them.

Press on!


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