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This is Rene’s Masterclass On Service Excellence

The Secret To Wow And Amazing Customer Service

When companies are having customer service rallies, whether it is on or off-site, they often look for some customer service motivational speakers.

Sometimes, meeting planners would call me. The first thing they would ask is if I have any customer service experience.

I would tell them I worked at a luxurious hotel in Atlanta for about 14 years. I was a doorman. My job was to deliver wow and extraordinary customer service.

As the ambassador of the hotel, they would not accept anything less from me. But, the goal is not to tell about my customer service experience.

I want to share with you the number one secret to delivering incredible customer service. It’s not something complicated. It won’t cost you any money to implement.

However, it can help you win more customers and boost loyalty. Fully embrace this one concept and your business will skyrocket.

It’s that powerful.

What is that one concept? Let me simplify it down one single word for you.


Your customer service representatives may be the very best in your field. But, I promise you that they are not expressing enough appreciation.

If you think they are, it’s time to take it to another level.

A few years ago, I heard a gentleman talking about how he took a company from literally nothing to over 100 million dollars.

Would you like to know his secret? It’s all about the word.


He required every salesperson to send a handwritten thank-you note to every customer and prospect. Whether they bought or didn’t buy, he made sure they all get the appreciation note.

Guess what? The customers who didn’t buy ended up coming back to make a purchase. Why? It’s because of the thank-you note. Some of them even brought the note.

There are so many ways to express gratitude and appreciation to customers. Let me share a few with you.

4 Ways To Appreciate Your Customers

1- Be A Superb Listener

Make sure your customer service agents or salespeople are excellent listeners.

Did you know that when you listen authentically to someone, you are giving him or her a gift?

When the customers or prospects show up or call on the phone, employees must stop whatever they are doing and give them their undivided attention.

Some employees think it’s an interruption. Maybe they are reading text messages, chatting with a co-worker, or doing some paperwork. I believe it’s an opportunity.

It’s job security. It’s an opportunity for the employees to provide for their family, pay their mortgages, and car notes.

That’s why we should listen to them.

Look, there’s an old saying that says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

That means your prospects don’t care about how much you know about your product or service. They want to know you care about them. And listening is the most efficient way to do so.

Customers will talk about what’s important to them. Do not rush to talk about your product or service. They may feel like talking about their kids or a bad day they are having. Do not interrupt. Let them talk.

After all, you may be the only person who genuinely cares to listen to them. That would mean a lot to them.

2- Tell Them Explicitly

It’s a good practice to make sure they hear it from you. Tell them how much you care about their business.

Every time you hang the phone with your customers or say goodbye, you should thank them for doing business with you.

The customers always have to make a decision when it comes to spending their hard earned dollars.

They may choose to go to a restaurant, buy some shoes, go to the hair salon, or the barbershop. That means your competition is not the business selling the same stuff you are selling.

That’s why you need to express your gratitude and appreciation verbally.

3- Give Them A Little Gift

I don’t mean something expensive. It may be a pen, t-shirt, baseball hat, a box of chocolate, or even a candy. It’s the intention behind the gift that matters.

Be creative. Come up with some ideas on how to wow your customers. Even an inspirational or motivational quote on an index card would do.

After the transaction is over, say, “Hold on. I have a little gift for you.” Then you say, “I sincerely appreciate your business. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please call me directly. I’m here to serve you.”

Wow! That would be a nice touch! Wouldn’t it?

4- Send Them A Thank-you Note

Just like the gentleman I mentioned in the story, send a handwritten to express your appreciation.

Send it along with your business card to the ones who bought and the ones who didn’t buy.

Again, the competition is not doing it. Stand out. Be remarkable.

There you have it.

The reality is; the customers write the employees’ paychecks. It’s not the boss.

That’s why appreciation must be a daily ritual in your company’s culture.

Make sure your team members understand the impact.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the Fortune 500 companies or a solopreneur, start an appreciation movement today.

Expressing a deep sense of gratitude can double, triple, or quadruple your revenue in a relative short time.

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