Customer Service

customer service

In today’s rapid changing marketplace, the only way companies can boost profits and referrals is to make sure every person at every level in the organization provides amazing customer service.

It’s not good enough for employees to meet expectations. They have to amaze and wow the customers. Superior service is a guaranteed way to build loyalty and generate repeat business.

The greatest advertising campaigns are useless until the customers say, “Wow!”

In this keynote presentation, Rene Godefroy draws from his fourteen years plus experiences in the service industry to show your team how to amaze customers.

Here’s a sample of what the attendees learn:

  • Why the customer is everything and all else is marginal.
  • How to emotionally connect with customers to amaze them.
  • It’s all about what the customer thinks and how to influence that thinking.
  • Why first impression is the deal maker or breaker.
  • Simple ways to dazzle customers with wow service in order to boost loyalty.

Let Rene join forces with you to help you create a customer service centered organization that can compete and thrive in the New Normal world.