The Secret To Getting Unstuck From A Dead-end Job In The Workplace

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The Secret To Getting Unstuck From A Dead-end Job In The Workplace

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Have you ever had moments in your career when you feel like you are stuck at the bottom? Somehow, you feel like you are not progressing and moving ahead.

You see some people at the top. They are doing extremely well. They are collecting the fat paychecks. You wonder if they are smarter or more intelligent than you. You begin to doubt yourself.

Then you get to work up close with one of those people at the top. You are shocked! Suddenly, you realize this person is not all that intelligent. He or she is not smarter than you.

You might be thinking, “Rene, how come they are at the top of the ladder? Why it is they are the ones enjoying the good life at the C-suite level? Do they have a secret? Is it because they know the right people?”

The short answer to all the above is no.

Maybe you are in business for yourself. You are in the same market with other entrepreneurs. You are selling the same products or services. But, they are striving, and your business is struggling. Do they know something you don’t know?

Again, the answer is no. There are lots of people who are doing extremely well who are not as smart as you are.

You see, once you understand what I’m about to share with you here, you can write your ticket to the top. It’s like giving the key to the kingdom. If indeed it is a secret. I want to reveal it to you now. Let’s start.

The Secret Is Personal Initiative 

Okay, what is personal initiative? Well, think of it as being a self-starter.

Simply put, you don’t wait for a boss to tell you what to do. You are proactive. You voluntarily find ways to improve existing procedures, processes, and systems. You are consistently getting things done and producing better results.

It’s one of the fundamental characteristics of leaders. That means when you are a self-starter, you are a leader.

The reality is, 98% of the people in the world are not leaders. They only want to follow. They want someone to tell them what to do.

In this rapidly changing world, if you are the kind of person who only gets things done when the order comes in, you are unnecessary.

You must be a self-starter who takes action to come up with new solutions to the new challenges.

In a way, that secret is invisible to many. Unless you carefully observe the top players in your field, it’s hard to detect what got them there.

Alright, how do you motivate yourself to find the drive to have personal initiative? How do you become a conscious self-starter?

3 Ways To Become A Self-starter:

1: Repetition

Personal initiative is nothing but a behavior. Think of it as a muscle. It takes lots of repetitions. You have to keep flexing the muscle.

Guess what?

You can form any habit with constant repetition. Some psychologists tell us it takes about 60 days to form a habit. Others say 21 days. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Just keep in mind that you become what you repeatedly do.

2: Awareness

You learned what it takes to get unstuck from a dead-end position or how to rise to the top of your field. What you need now is to be aware of opportunities to put it into practice.

To form any new habit or change a behavior, you need awareness.When you are aware, you make better decisions.

Any time you show up to work, be present. Start noticing what needs to get done. Take instant action. Don’t be distracted.

3: Commitment

As of today, make a daily commitment to do three things that are not in your job description. Add a daily task to your calendar with a reminder. Again, it takes repetition to form a new habit.

Those things you choose to do every day don’t necessarily have to be big. You can do some something as simple as dusting off a corner in the office.

Let’s say you go to a departmental meeting. Nobody is taking notes. You take the initiative to take copious notes. You go to your computer and summarize the entire meeting. Then you send the summary to everyone who attended.

No one told you to do so. You do it because you are a self-starter. You do it because you are a leader. I bet you everyone would be talking about it. And you would get on the radar of the big bosses. Am I right?

That’s how you join the ranks of the winners. Whether you work for somebody or yourself, you have to motivate yourself to take action even when you don’t feel like it.

Facebook, Google, Walmart, Coca-cola and all the big companies you see out there were founded by self-starters. Those founders didn’t wait around for someone to tell them to take consistent action.

Am I saying having personal initiative is all you need to succeed? No!

Of course, you need to acquire the right skills to climb and thrive at the top. But, guess what? When you are a self-start, you find ways to master those skills. You will not wait for the company or the manager to provide you the training.

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