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In the last few months, we have witness worldwide events and protests against racism. Those events spark global conversations about inequalities, racism, diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias.

For too long many businesses and institutions have been unaware of the devastating consequences of individual and institutional racism.

Diversity and Inclusion

Unfortunately, we are now witnessing the negative impacts and pitfalls triggered by years of neglect. We are at a watershed moment in history.

Diversity training is imperative to bridge the gap. In this presentation, attendees will walk away with groundbreaking strategies to initiate more open diversity initiatives.

What The Attendees Will Walk Away With:

▶ Understand the critical distinctions between conscious and unconscious bias, so they can be mindful when making business decisions

▶ Identify the 5% of our brain that is responsible for irrational and unconscious bias and how we can retrain it

▶ Discover a range of about 13 areas where unfair treatment and discrimination might be overlooked

▶ Instantly connect with anyone regardless of race, backgrounds, or gender

Delivery Method: This Is A Virtual Experience

Rene will use advanced training protocols to satisfy the four major learning styles in order to facilitate learning, retention, and application.

Participants will receive a follow-along worksheet to stay on course and engaged. Rene will use virtual interactive tools such as real time polls, chats, hand-raise, questions, etc. for maximum engagement and enhance the experience.


“Your keynote was very inspirational, the perfect start to our gathering. I will continue to try and “mess with my mind” and truly hope I will have another opportunity to hear you speak. Thank YOU!”

- Andrea McDonald

Director of Programs Initiatives, CFES Brilliant Pathways

“Rene was a big hit. He was motivational, entertaining and kept the audience engaged the entire time, which is rare for a speaker. People are still talking about his performance. I would highly recommend Rene to speak at your next event.” 

— Alan Martin

State Training Coordinator, Aflac

Partial Client List…
► Aflac

► AT&T 

► Alere

► Atlanta Apartment Assn 

► Blue Cross Blue Shield

► Burba Hotel Network

► Charles Swabb 

► Coca Cola 

► Cox Enterprises Domino’s Pizza

► Florida League of Cities

► GE Capital 

► Georgia Power

► Georgia Dept of Human Resources

► Georgia State University
► High Point University 

► Housing and Urban Development

► Hyatt Hotels Corporation

► Indiana Bankers Assn.

► IHG Hotels Group

► Indiana School Food Assn.

► IsaksonLiving

► Kennesaw State University

► Napoleon Hill Foundation

► Marriott Hotels

► MichiganWorks

► Matria Health Care

► Metro PCS

► Michigan Assisted Living 

► Mississippi Transportation Ass
► Ntl. Interstate Council for Cosmetologists 

► North Fulton Chamber of Commerce 

► Pennsylvania Housing Finance

► Proof of the Pudding

► Renaissance Hotels SACUBO

► The Providence Journal

► UnionPacific

► Railroad Company

► US Army

► US Postal Service

► Verizon Wireless
► Your Event Solution

► Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality
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