Point #1 Drive: How To Tap Into Your Personal Power

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Point #1 Drive: How To Tap Into Your Personal Power

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Here’s the first D Rene shares with his audiences during his keynote presentation. In order to stay in the race and thrive during turbulent times of change, you must find the drive to keep pressing.

The amazing thing is, you do not need to look for DRIVE out there. It’s already within you. It’s your God-given gift. In this video, Rene shares with you how to tap into power internal power to win during times of tough challenges.

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  1. Debra Kerney

    Hello Rene,

    I’m Interested in your Articles.

  2. Pfarelo Brandy Matsila

    Dear Rene
    I could not help but wonder about this “something inside” you keep referring to. As I was listening Immediately realised that your were referring to “destiny gears” . we all have destiny gears , we just have to know how to discover them and use them . for instance, I might have a car but because I do not know how to drive nor operate the gears to get it to start moving I will never reach m y destination, instead I will remain stuck in the past and that the foundation of depression and confusion.

    The Drive as you mentioned is inborn , something from God and no one can take it away from us however, until we come to the realisation that we exist because God wills so, we will remain stuck and unproductive. Hence, we need an ability to recognise God and be spiritually intimate with God in such a way that we start recognise him in everything we do and everything we are not selectively.

    1 Salvation
    6. spirituality/Godliness
    7.kind spirit
    8 charity/ love
    The gears I have listed came to mind as I was listening o you and reflecting on my life journey and I will expatiate on what each means as time goes on. Thank you once again for reminding us that what ever life challenges we are going through we will persevere. The God we serve is a merciful God and all we need for life he has already provided it is up to us to take charge of the gears and drive towards our destiny.


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