The Fastest Elevator To The C-suite Level

C-Suite Executive Level
How would you like to push a button in the elevator of your company and zoom yourself to the C-suite level? Would that mean prestige or a sense of accomplishment for you? What is C-suite anyway? Okay, let’s see what it is.

It’s basically a group of high-level executive officers within a company that has power and authority in their respective functions. Usually, the offices are at the top floor. To me, they are an elite society within the corporation. I say elite because they often get together in a secret room to decide your fate and the future of your company.

Do you belong to that society?  Have you tried to get there? Maybe you feel like your job has become a dead-end. Sometimes you train others and in a short period of time, they make it to the C-suite level while you’re still in the same position.

Now, the question is, how do you take the elevator to the C-suite level? How do you get to be an executive within your company? What does it take? Well, there’s a secret to it. And I’m about to reveal it to you right now. It’s one simple word… Thinking!

Above all, this is the number one way to reach the top of your company. Let me share this with you: The highest paid activity you can engage in at work is not your actual position. It is thinking.

My friend and mentor Nido Qubein is one of the smartest people living today. He’s wealthy and owns several successful companies including Great Harvest Bread.

Nido told me the inheritance he wants to leave for his children is not his wealth. It’s the ability for them to accurately think. He said that wealth can be fleeting. But accurate thinking endures. Looking at Nido’s success, one has to conclude it’s his unique ability to think accurately that got him there.

Have you ever wonder why some people who are not half as smart as you get to be high-level executives? You look at them, but it’s hard for you to figure how they got into that position. Well, most likely, they got there because of their ability to think. They are problem solvers.

The bottom line is, if you want to elevate yourself to the C-suite level, you have to elevate your consciousness or awareness. And that happens through thinking different thoughts than what you are accustomed to. You have to think like a CEO.

Okay, how do you arrive at that level of thinking? How do you think like a CEO? Here’s how:

Ask Yourself Powerful Questions! The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of questions you ask yourself on a consistent basis. Listen, your company love people that help them two things: Boost profits and reduce costs. Everything else is marginal.

Your primary job should be to help them get what they want. And it is your questions that can lead you to answers to help them get those two things.

Your job is to question every system, process, and practice. Ask yourself, “How can this be done more efficiently, faster, and cost-effective?”

I guarantee you, if you ask yourself those questions relentlessly, answers will come to you in unexpected hours. You will become indispensable.  You will make your way to the top really fast.

Here’s your assignment: Create a list of all the systems and processes in your workplace. Ask yourself how can they be better. Maybe, there are no systems in place. In that case, ask yourself how you can help your company systemize.

Finally, keep in mind, if you are not thinking, you are not solving problems. If you are not solving problems, you are irrelevant. So, do you want to get to the C-suite level? I just told you. Think!

Do whatever you can to help your company boost profits and reduce costs. You’ll become the talk of the town. They will love you!

See you at the C-suite level.

Press on!


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