“The problem with doing more with less is more. The more we have, the more we want. Such attitude leaves us stuck powerless in the face of change.” –Rene Godefroy

If your company is going or have been going through some changes, the impact may be worst than you’re thinking. A sudden change can be disastrous for organizations if the transition is not handled carefully.

A few of the challenges your organization may face during the transition of change…

Does any of the above sound familiar to you? What’s more is the fact that your competition can take advantage of your situation to attract your star employees, gobble a large chunk of your market share and eventually run your company to the ground.

That is why Rene carefully craft every story in his keynote presentation Change Is A Gift to address those issues. He also shares with his audiences applicable ideas and strategies to help them win in spite of their current challenges.

It’s the kind of boost companies welcome when they are going through  change and want to inspire their team to do more with less.

Change is the ending of something old and the beginning of something new. Unfortunately most people don’t understand the process of change. That’s why they experience so many negative emotions during the transition.

In his keynote Change Is A Gift, Rene inspires, uplifts, and gives his audiences a shot of confidence to say goodbye to the past and have exciting new beginnings without stresses. Rene shares strategies and ideas they can use to reinvent and innovate their way to success.

Your team will learn actionable, right-now, and results driven takeaways that can help them…

  • Do more with less instead of moaning and complaining
  • Eliminate their stresses
  • Be problem solvers in the workplace
  • Boost morale to an all time high and improve attitude
  • Turn difficult and hard-to-get-along co-workers into cooperative and reliable team players
  • Think outside the box and innovatively create new possibilities that were not obvious to them
  • Face the “New Normal” world instead of rehearsing the past
  • Develop resilience instead of resistance
  • And more…

Aflac, A&TT, Coca Cola, Hyatt Hotels, and Verizon Wireless are among the companies that book Rene to speak at their event. Yes, Rene always gets a genuine standing ovation from the audience. But that’s not a good measure of success to us.

Standing ovation means nothing to the event planner or the company… Especially when companies are demanding bigger return on investment.

Here’s why companies book Rene to speak at their events…

  • He shares practical ideas they can use to boost productivity and profits.
  • His presentation is humorous and interactive.
  • He raises the energy level in the room.
  • His story is truly AMAZING & inspires others to kick their excuses goodbye.
  • Years of platform experience.
  • And he’s REALLY authentic and friendly on and off the platform.

Let’s say Rene’s presentation is NOT a cookie cutter either. Every keynote is tailored based on what you want. Stories, vignettes and their applications are chosen according to what you’re looking for.

In the end, you get a keynote speech that is tailored specifically for your audience. You become a hero or shero. The boss and the attendees thank you immensely for making it possible for them to have such an experience.

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