3 Tips To Help You Manage Change

I want to share 3 Tips With You To Help You Manage Change. First, I’d like to welcome you to the New Normal.

Maybe you’re going through some tough changes right now in your workplace or personal life. You may be confused and frustrated. The future may seem very uncertain for you.

I know how difficult it can be to struggle through change and try to do more with less. All my life I dealt with change. I struggled to survive poverty and diseases in a tiny village in Haiti. I know what it’s like to be a position of lack.

I know change and uncertainty can impact you emotionally and physically. It can cause stress to choke the life out of you. I’ve been there, done that and even got the t-shirt to prove it.

I also know for sure the good old days will never, EVER come back again. If you’re mentally frozen and wishing for things to get back to normal, I have bad news. This is as normal as it’s going to be. This is it! Welcome to the new normal world. Don’t get mad. Deal with it.

The reality is, things will continue to change. As soon as you’re done dealing with one change, more violent changes are on the way. And yes, they will continue to ask you to do more with less.

All right, how do you survive all the changes that are happening? How do you thrive and succeed in spite of your current challenges?

Here Are 3 Tips To Help You:

1- Be Resilient. The people who are now thriving and succeeding in spite of the current challenges are not necessary people without problems. They are people who learn to solve their problems. They are the people who are resilient. They don’t give up.

The German philosopher, Goethe said, “That which does not kill you will make you stronger.” You see, the moment you give up, you stop seeing what’s possible for you in your current situation.

How do you become resilient? Well, I’m not sure I can really teach you in this quick article. Some people are born with it. Others had to learn to be resilient. The fastest way you can start being resilient is to drill yourself with the following statement:

Repeat over and over “I’m in it to win it. I will NOT quit.” Although it may sound simplistic, it can definitely help you deal with change with elegance and courage. The more you say it with conviction, the more answers you’ll get to solve your problems.

2-Be A Observer Of Your Circumstances. The secret here is to stop internalizing the events in your life. Here’s how to do so:

Instead, you start thinking of your current issue in your workplace or your life, look externally. Point your finger at it and speak to it. See it happening outside of you. You cannot be what you observe.

If you’re feeling stressed out, it’s because you’re being what’s happening. It’s because you are taking it personal. It’s because you’re thinking somebody is doing it to you.

You see, what’s happening has nothing to do with you. The world is changing rapidly. Everybody and every company must initiate some changes in order to survive and thrive. You, too, must initiate some changes in your life.

3-Stop Rehearsing The Past. Yes, it was nice to have a big budget and a large staff to get the work done. It was great the fact that things used to be a certain way. But, guess what? They are not anymore. Let’s move on.

Deal with the hand you have. Let me tell you this: your past is not supposed to be in front of you. It is supposed to be behind you. That’s why it’s called the past.

Fighting change and rehearsing the past is a way of avoiding responsibility for the future. The NOW—the present—is your unique opportunity to plan and design the future you want. It’s not a stage to rehearse the past.

I hope I gave you something to think about. Share it with your friends or co-workers. Let me know what action you’ll take based of what you just read. Remember this: Change is a gift—your gift.

Press on!

Take care!


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