How To Be Positive In Life And Happy In Spite Of The Difficult Times

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In life we always have choices. We can choose to focus on the negative or the positive. No one can take away that power from us.

Unfortunately, a lot of people choose to focus their energy on what not working versus what’s working. When the difficult times arrive, they choose to give them the wrong meaning.

Our lessons and gifts in life don’t always come as chocolate covered ice cream. Sometimes they come as a rose stem full of thorns. It’s not until we accept the thorns and plant the stem in the water of faith, the rose begins to unfold.

Some people would ask me if I’m always happy and fired up. They think because I’m a motivational speaker, life is always amazing for me. No, I’m not always Mr. Motivator. I have had moments of despair, worries, and uncertainties just like everybody. That’s called life. Please watch this video and you will see what I mean.

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  1. Gail A. Merchant

    Thank you so much Rene Godefroy for your motivational article. Very wise and important advice. Thank you again.


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