How to Negotiate a Pay Raise Without Upsetting The Boss

It’s that time for your salary negotiation. You badly want a pay raise. However, the people in the human resources department are dragging their feet. It seems as though you company doesn’t care about you.

Well, your company does care. However, they care more about their bottom line than your pay raise. Of course, they want you to be happy. After all, when you’re happy, you’re more productive. But, you have to…

Ask for what you want!

I bet you that everyone in the human resources department is busy looking out for himself or herself. The reality is, people don’t go to bed with you on their mind. They don’t worry about your pay raise. They have too many irons in the fire.

It’s up to you to remind your boss or the human resources department. Simply put, ask for that pay raise you so rightly deserve. Now, I want to share with you…

7 Ways To Motivate Your Boss Or The Human Resources Department To Give You A Fat Pay Raise During The Salary Negotiation

1. Show Up With Undeniable Proof

You don’t want to show up to the human resources department and announce that you are due for a pay raise without justification. Asking for a pay raise is a selling job. Before you request to meet with your boss for a salary negotiation, prepare yourself well in advanced.

Pretend you are an attorney preparing for a salary negotiation. Build a good case to persuade the jury that you deserve a pay raise. Show up with all your facts and details neatly organized. You might find out just being so well prepared can motivate your boss or the human resources department to grant your request.

2. Make A List Of Your Responsibilities

Perhaps when you started in your position, you had a few responsibilities. But, as you get more experience, your responsibilities change. In some cases, you might have more responsibilities.

I want you to keep a special notebook and list everything you do at work. When I say everything, I do mean everything.

Now, if you find it hard to list your responsibilities, you probably are not ready for a pay raise yet. I suggest you volunteer yourself for more responsibilities. Since we’re living in a world where doing more with less is the norm. I seriously doubt your boss is not tossing more responsibilities at you.

3. Be Nice During The Salary Negotiation

Don’t show up with an attitude because they are moving too slow with your pay raise. As I mentioned before, people not staring at the ceiling at night worrying about your pay raise. It’s your job to ask for it.

Show up with a positive attitude during the salary negotiation. Put a smile on your face. Express your gratitude for the job and the team you are a part of.

By the way, never threaten your employer. You don’t to create resistance and friction. Just be nice.

4. Talk About Their Needs

During the salary negotiation, you want to talk about heir need instead of yours. They don’t care about your cost of living and the long hours you are working.

They care about their profits. Talk about their goals and vision. Let them know how you intent to do everything within your power to help them achieve their goals.

Simply put, keep bringing the conversation back to what they want instead of what you want.

5. Make A List Of Your Current Skills

I encourage you to make a list of your skills before the salary negotiation starts. When you started on the job, you knew a few things. Now you have more experience.

You can get things done more rapidly and efficiently. You also acquired new skills along the way.

For example, perhaps you now know how to plan meetings, use PowerPoint’s, Microsoft Excel, train new employees, provide superior customer service, etc.

When you go to your boss or the human resources department, you need to have a comprehensive list to impress them.

6. Ask For More Than What You Want

This is a powerful strategy in salary negotiation or any negation for that matter. Whenever you want something, always ask more. That’s called the law of contrast. For example, if you want a friend to lend you $500, ask for $2,000.

Now, don’t ask for a ridiculous amount. Be considerate. If you’re making $20 an hour, don’t ask for $90 an hour. If you do, they might think you’re losing your mind.

7. Be Bold And Courageous

I save this for last because I want you to muster every ounce of courage you have in you to ask for what you want during the salary negotiation. You see, there’s absolutely no reason to be afraid of asking for a pay raise. After all, you know you work hard, and you deserve it.

The main thing to keep in mind is the fact that you have absolutely nothing to lose by asking for a pay raise.

Think about it this way: If you get a no, you will still get to keep your current salary. Besides, when you ask for a pay raise, it shows you’re confident that you’re contributing to your company.

After all, they expect you to ask for a pay raise. There’s no need to be scared or intimidated about it. Ask and you shall receive.

Finally, be prepared for anything during the salary negotiation. You might get what you ask for or you might get less. Who knows? They might decide not to give a pay raise at all. That’s okay. Maybe you didn’t do a good job preparing for the salary negation.

Go back to the drawing board. Keep performing at your best. Continue to gather more facts to build even a stronger case.

Please, don’t hold any grudges. Don’t take it personally. You’ll have another opportunity for a salary negotiation. Keep stepping.


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