Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace – It’s Importance Must Be A Priority!

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Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace – It’s Importance Must Be A Priority!

Let’s face it; the world is changing at a rapid pace. Our challenges are new and different. Businesses cannot afford to rely on old ideas to prosper. In fact, almost all the methods and strategies companies used to deploy to succeed are obsolete.

Yes, some things will never change. As an example, how people respond and behave will remain the same. For example, we have to continue wowing our customers and clients so they can stay loyal. However, the ways to do so are different. We now have new communication channels.

Even the value and supply chain we depended on to turn raw ideas into products and services are now radically different. New suppliers and providers are entering the marketplace every day from around the world.

The question is, how do we stay relevant and profitable in an economy that is so fickle?

The answer is simple: More Inclusion

It’s not enough to wait for the top executives at the C-Suite to come up with the right solutions. We need a new level of thinking. We need a big melting pot of ideas and insights.

We have to leverage the power of feedback.

That requires contribution at every level of the organization. We must inspire and engage everyone in the workplace in sharing their ideas.

Inclusion in today’s workplace is critical.

The world is shrinking. Our borders are almost nonexistent. The faces in the workforce are diverse. The remarkable thing is, everyone has a unique perspective. They see and process life with different lenses.

That’s why we need more inclusion in the workplace. Here’s another way to look at it:

Inclusion doesn’t mean to involve just the team members in the workplace. It’s also mean to include our customers and clients. It’s not enough to guess what would make want to buy from us.

We need to ask them. That means we need to include them so the can help us create what they want and need.

Think of McDonald’s. They now install computers inside their stores to allow the customers to customize their menu. They want to gather data on exactly what we wish to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It used to take years to collect that data. Now they get it in real time.

That’s what I mean by inclusion. Make every customer, employees, and suppliers a part of your process. And that is regardless of what they look like or sound like.

People want to contribute if we allow them. A sense of contribution is a deep psychological need they have to fulfill.

When we influence them to contribute, they also fulfill other needs such as love/connection and the need to belong.

So, start installing suggestion boxes at strategic locations around the company. Reward and appreciate your employees and customers for feedback and ideas.

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