My Top-10 Wealth Strategies

My Top-10 Wealth Strategies

You may not come from generational wealth, but generational wealth can start with you. Here are the principles to live by.

1. Create Your Day

Each day is a mini version of your whole life condensed into a snapshot. If you don’t have 15 minutes to plan it, you are not earning the right to live the entire journey. Start with gratitude, prayer, or meditation. Drink your water, exercise, and set daily goals.

2. Know Your Worth

No man can ever determine your worth. People can pay you for access. However, they cannot afford to pay you what you are worth. You are the prize. Don’t just believe it. Know it with certainty.

3. Nurture Your Relationship

God uses people to open doors for you. Create a large network of quality people. Network with people who are living your dream. Go where they are and connect with them. Buy whatever they have for sale or deliver unbelievable value to them. Your net worth is your network.

4. Create Assets

Money follows assets. Create products or services that solve specific problems. The key is to be the owner. Instead of buying the car, own the dealership. Rich people sell more. Poor people buy more. Always strive to be on the other side of the cash register

5. Defend Your Territory

80% of wealth creation is mindset. Raise your vibration and frequency to the same level of that which you want. Then defend and protect your mindset. Do not tolerate those who interfere with your frequency and vibration. Love them from a distance.

6. Buy Time Instead Of Selling time

Rich people buy time. Poor people sell time. If you are working for someone, you are actually selling time. Be the one doing the hiring so you can buy time. Remember this: OPT (other people’s time) and OPM (other people’s money) are the key to wealth generation.

7. Be The Go -Giver, Not The Go-Getter

Be a blessing to others so you can be blessed. Give money, compliments or praises, advice, resources, or anything that adds value. If you are in business, give your clients more than they are paying for.

8. Unleash Your Imagination. Declare And Decree

Everything you see around you was once an imagination in someone’s mind. If you cannot imagine it, you cannot have it. Simply put: you gotta have it before you can have it. Close your eyes and see yourself vividly living your dream exactly the way you want it.

9. Practice Unbounded Gratitude

Be grateful for the little things, and the big things will start manifesting. No matter what your circumstances are, you can always be grateful for something. It’s impossible to be grateful and be depressed at the same time. If you are not getting what you want, it’s because you are not being grateful for what you have.

10. Be An Elevator

Make everyone you come in contact with feel they are special. Challenge them to dream bigger. Empower them to have a larger vision. Show them what’s possible. Listen to their stories. Be genuinely interested in them. As a result, they will conspire with you to make you wealthy.

Try to put those strategies into practice daily and watch your bank account soar.
Do you have a wealth strategy to share with us?

How Meditate For Peace Of Mind

How Meditate For Peace Of Mind

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Most people do just the opposite. They seek everything else and occasionally they think about His kingdom, if ever.

In meditation, we are actually entering the kingdom within. It’s the best way to get rid of stress and to calm the mind for clarity, focus, and productivity.

Here’s a short list of highly successful people who meditate: Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn; William Clay Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor; Oprah Winfrey; Madonna; Elon Musk; Mark Zuckerberg; Jeff Bezos; and Bill Gates.

If all those people are meditating to clear their mind, be more creative and productive, why not you? Obviously, there is a secret we need to discover for ourselves.

If you are saying you don’t know how to meditate, let me share what works for me.

Dive Deep Below Your Thoughts

Many people often tell me that it’s hard to quiet the mind during meditation. The reality is, calmness is our default.

In your mother’s womb, you were peaceful and carefree. In deep sleep, the mind and body is completely calm. Let me illustrate with this metaphor.

The ocean can be agitated by violent winds. Turbulent waves are crashing against each other. But if you dive deep underneath it, it’s calm and peaceful. No noise. No agitation.

It’s the same for the mind. No matter how many turbulent thoughts that are racing through it, there’s a place deep within us that is calm and peaceful. It’s our default. The goal of mediation is to get there.

Just sit comfortably and completely relax. Observe your breathing. Feel the air coming through your nostrils and filling your lungs. Breathe in slowly, hold, and breathe out without forcing it. Don’t try to catch a breath. It’s there waiting. Just inhale it.

Watch your thoughts making noise above you as you begin to sink deeper and deeper. Don’t resist those thoughts. Welcome them. Say to yourself, “Here’s another one.”

After a few minutes, continue to be aware of your breathing. Say to yourself, “In. Hold. Out.” You breathe in, hold quickly, release.

If you can, create a rhythm with the sound of in, hold, out. The brain loves rhythms. Try to slow down your breathing once you are totally relaxed and deep beneath the fast and furious thoughts.

You will notice the moment you observe a thought, it disappears. After a while, you will feel peaceful. Like everything else, it takes practice and patience.

Feel free to listen to some calming meditation music as well. Start with 15 minutes a day at the same time and location. I mediate for a full hour, which feels like 15 minutes to me.

Work Isn’t Where Fulfillment Resides

Work Isn’t Where Fulfillment Resides

According to a Gallup’s survey, 85 percent of employees are not happy in the workplace. They are disengaged and unmotivated. Their job does not fulfill them.

The problem is, most people show up for what they can get from work. They go to work to make money, afford to pay bills, or take vacations.

Basically, they are using work to solve their problems. That’s the wrong way to find fulfillment and happiness.

Work is where we serve and contribute. Work is supposed to be where you express your fulfillment. Your work or business is not supposed to fulfill you. It’s where you express your inner fulfillment.

When you are fulfilled, everything in your life seems to be fulfilling. The job you hate appears to be a stepping stone for bigger things in life. The boss or client who makes you miserable is now your teacher.

It’s the same for your relationships. Do not wait for a friend or spouse to fulfill you. If you do, you will eventually be disappointed when the person is no longer doing the things that make you happy.

Our problems are not our jobs or businesses. We are the problem. Happiness or fulfillment is an inside job. Work on yourself daily. Start rewriting the stories in your head that make you feel unfulfilled.

Just ask yourself this simple question, “How can I make this situation meaningful to me?”

Your Health Is Your Responsibility

Your Health Is Your Responsibility

We take care of our cars. We make sure it’s running properly. We tune it up and change the oil on time. But, most people totally neglect to take care of their body.

The reality is, you cannot succeed in life, run a thriving business, or lead a successful company without energy. Peak performance requires a healthy mind and body.

Here Are 4 Ways to Main Good Optimum Health:

1. Give Up Sugar

Almost anything we buy at the grocery store has some kind of sugar in it. Try quitting for a week and your taste buds will tell you how much sugar you’ve been consuming.

Some side effects of sugar are inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, mood swings, and fatigue. Say no to sodas and anything that is loaded with sugar.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

75% of the brain is made up of water. If you want to focus, think clearer, and have more energy to make better decisions, drink at least 8 ounces of water every day. Ditch the coffee or any other stimulants. They only give a quick boost of energy and a big crash later.

3. Exercise Daily

The body was designed to move. Motion creates emotions. If you want to be in a good mood and feel amazing, have a workout program.

Block it on your calendar and never compromise or negotiate that time slot. Nothing beats a good workout that stimulates your mind.

You will need your body to carry you into the future. Be nice and kind to it. And it doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it.

4. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Sleep is the ultimate doctor that heals and repairs the body. Lack of adequate sleep will cause you to feel exhausted and have a foggy brain. When we don’t get enough sleep, we tend to be cranky and moody. Never go to a meeting or have a meaningful conversation with someone without proper sleep.