Motivational Topics

Motivational Topics By Rene Godefroy For Your Sales Or Customer Service Event

This is just a sample of the topics Rene can address in his keynote presentation. However, each presentation is unique based on your current situation. We can change the name of the topics to reflect the theme of your event.

Basically, Rene will get on the phone with you and understand what specific message or motivational topic you want him to share with your team. Then, he will embed that message in his keynote presentation.

No Condition Is Permanent

If your company is going through any kind of change, this keynote presentation will fire up your team to embrace the change and be optimistic about the future. The world is going through some disturbing change. In order to thrive, we must be willing to discard the old mindset and adopt a new one. This is the flagship keynote meeting planners request the more.

Attitude Is A Choice

This keynote is about how to maintaining a positive attitude during tough and challenging times in the workplace. In order to boost morale and productivity, members of your team must show up every day with the right attitude. This keynote will inspire them to focus on solutions versus problems. It will also inspire them to world collaborative together.