Never Be A Victim And Play The Blaming Game

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Never Be A Victim And Play The Blaming Game

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We all have suspicions. It’s in our nature. We tend to think someone or something is undermining our success.

We go from suspicions to blaming and excuses. If your business is struggling, you might believe that it’s the economy or the competition.

Blaming is a victim mindset. That’s giving away your power to act.

Many people come to me for coaching. They often come with a list of reasons for their situation.

They are stuck and frustrated because someone is doing it to them. In reality, nobody is doing anything.

It’s our reaction that determines how we feel about the events.

People are always going to be mean, inconsiderate, or jealous. But, that does not make them responsible for how we feel.

We have to accept responsibility for our results, good or bad.

So, if you don’t like the way things are going for you, take responsibility to change them. How do you do so?

The beginning of personal change is the end of blaming and excuses.

That’s right. It’s amazing what happens when you change. Everything changes instantly. Your situation improves.

The irony is, even when everything else remains constant, your condition will improve.

The economy is going to be bad or good. Your boss will behave the same. Your company will continue to introduce and implement new changes. The services or products you provide in your business will be the same.

In spite of all that, your finances get better. Your boss behaves differently. You embrace the changes in your workplace or personal life. You attract more customers to your business.

That’s is so awesome!

You don’t wake up and hope the economy would get better. You don’t complain, blame, or make excuses.

Instead, you start taking the different actions every day. You have a new philosophy or perspective on life.

You no longer curse your problems. You realize you cannot get to the next level of success without problems. Suddenly, challenges become your assets.

Simply put, personal change is the catalyst for significant improvement.

By the way, you might be thinking it’s hard to change. Right?

Au contraire, it’s a lot easier than you might imagine. It all begins with personal development.

Personal Development Unlocks The Door To Abundance.

You make a conscious decision to upgrade your mind. You do so, by reading lots of books, seeking out coaches and mentors.

If your relationship is heading in the wrong direction, you buy books on how to improve relationships.

If your business is going down, you get some books on marketing and finances. You attend some seminars. You hire a coach.

Do you see how easy it is?

Most people never grow. They continue to repeat one year over and over.

Yes, they may say they have been in business for 20 years. However, they have been practicing one year for twenty years.

In conclusion, I encourage you to start accepting personal responsibility right away. Decide to change your mindset. And watch how all the areas of your life will transform.

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