Motivational Books, DVDs, and CDs

Kick Your Excuses

Kick Your Excuses Book – Paperback

Thousands the world over have already benefited from Kick Your Excuses – No Condition is Permanent. If you need a good dose on inspiration to get you out of your comfort zone so you can start living your dream, read this book. It is endorsed and recommended by Jeffrey Gitomer, Brian Tracy, Les Brown and countless others. $15 + Plus Shipping & Handling 


Negative People Book

Negative People Book – Paperback 

Stop negative people from ruining your life and career. Protect your mind from their poisonous attitudes. Within the pages of this book, you will discover the exact strategies Rene taught people all over the world to enjoy a good life with less conflicts and stresses. Your life will never be the same after reading this book. Promise. $10.00 + Plus Shipping & Handling

6 CDs

6 CD Set Book On Tape – Listen While Driving, Jogging, Or At The Gym! Kick Your Excuses!
Most people are too busy to sit down and read a book cover to cover. Now, you can Listen to Rene Godefroy reading his entire book unabridged while you are driving to and from work. Turn your commute time to learning time. This is the kind of inspirational boost you and your family need every day. This 6 CD set is our best-seller! $39.00 our best-seller! + Plus Shipping & Handling

Bee Poster

Bee Attitude – Poster 11″ by 17″

Display this fantastic Bee Attitude Poster in your office, home, or anywhere there are negative people. They will get the message that you do not want to tolerate their negative attitudes. $10.00 + Plus Shipping & Handling

cd success secrets

5 Success Secrets Revealed Audio CD

Since his constant battle with diseases and poverty in a tiny Haitian village, Rene Godefroy has been apply 3 fundamental success secrets that have catapulted him in the big leagues and create the lifestyle he wants in America. Now, you, too, can use and apply them daily to get the results you want. $20.00 + Plus Shipping & Handling

dvd Believe

DVD – Video Presentation Live

Sit down in your comfortable couch after a long day of dealing with stresses. Then put this DVD and gather your family to be inspired and fired up. This message will awaken something in them to kick their excuses goodbye and start take immediate action to live their dreams. This is a classic you want to have in your video library for years! $29.00 + Plus Shipping & Handling

The Green Card

The Real Green Card

After Rene received his US Citizen certificate, he wanted to keep my green card as a souvenir.  They would not allow him. Rene was disappointed. A few years later he decided to print his own Green Card. Side #1 has the 15 strategies to help unleash your next level of success and Side #2 has the Optimist Creed on it. $6.00 + Plus Shipping & Handling

Cpmbo Deal Offer

Get The Combo Deal Offer

Get the entire combo of Kick Your Excuses & Negative People Book in Paperback, Success Secrets CD, DVD, & 6 CD set and The Real Green Card for only $97! Perfect for your library. You will save $20.95. The total price is $148 But You Will Only $97 + Plus Shipping & Handling You save $51