Rene spoke at the Florida Bursar’s Conference last year and set an encouraging tone for the entire event. I highly recommend him as a Keynote speaker for any organization. He will provide a springboard for a new attitude toward learning, hard work, and gratitude.

Edward Nolan

Director of Business Development, ConServe

He Makes Meeting Planners Shine!

For more than twenty years, Rene Godefroy has been challenging audiences the world over to face their fears, embrace change, and kick their excuses goodbye.

He reminds his listeners that success is about taking personal responsibility. Excuses and justifications are dream killers. 

Rene’s journey started in a tiny and impoverished village in Haiti. As an infant, several deadly diseases pounded him. Many of his villagers predicted he would not survive.

But Rene defied logic, beat the odds, and snatched victory out of the jaw of adversity.

He believes we all have the ability to respond to any situation in a way that empowers us; even when somebody or something outside of us triggers the situation.  

In 1983, he arrived in the US with five dollars, two shirts, one pair of pants and NO ability to speak English. While most people in his surrounding were complaining and making excuses, Rene saw the opportunity to seize the American dream.

Today, Rene combines his insights from dismal poverty and years of study in the area of neuroplasticity to help others rewire their brain for success. Simply put, he shares the same secrets he used to reinvent his life.

He is the best-selling author of Kick Your Excuses Goodbye, a personal development expert, and a globally acclaimed motivational speaker, trainer, and coach. 

Companies such as Aflac, Coca-cola, Cox Enterprise, Marriott Intl., and AT&T are a few of the top companies that have booked Rene to boost morale and inspire their teams to embrace change.

He has appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes, in a segment that featured Colin Powell, and Anthony Robbins. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls him a “motivational hit” and the Miami Times calls him a “motivational guru.”

But most people know him as a simple man with an extraordinary message that is quietly transforming lives.