He Is An Ordinary Man With An Extraordinary Message!

Ready for something new and exciting at your event this year?

For the last twenty years, Rene Godefroy has been on a quest to inspire his fellow men to switch on their brain to be, do and have more during times of difficult change.

Whether it is during a keynote for a large corporation or while coaching an individual, he believes change is necessary for progress.

The main takeaway from his motivational keynote is, the moment we stop changing as a company or individual, we stop thriving and start dying.

Rene’s journey began in a tiny and impoverished village in Haiti. At the tender age of 1, several deadly diseases pounded him.

Many of his villagers predicted he would not survive. But he defied logic, beat the odds, and plucked victory out of the jaw of adversity.

He arrived in the United States with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants and unable to speak any English. While many people in his environment were making excuses, complaining, and blaming, he saw opportunities to seize the American dream. And he did!

Through the power of reframing, Rene chose to give new meanings to the unfavorable events in life. He reminds us that our circumstances happen FOR us but not TO us.

Today, he combines the insights he gleaned from dismal poverty and over twenty years of study in the area of neuroplasticity to help others rewire their brain.

Fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, AT&T, and Coca-Cola hire Rene to help their team members break through their fears of change.

His SDI (Strategic Decoding Inquiry) and the Gateway Trifecta are a few of the proprietary levers Rene uses to empower and coach thousands to get different results.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker or a strategic coach to help improve interpersonal skills, contact us for more information.

aflac“Rene Godefroy was our keynote speaker last week at our Aflac 2016 Kick-off meeting in Tennessee. He was a big hit. He was motivational, entertaining and kept the audience engaged the entire time, which is rare for a speaker. People are still talking about his performance. I would highly recommend Rene to speak at your next event. ” — Alan Martin, State Training Coordinator Aflac