“Rene Godefroy was a big hit. He was motivational, entertaining and kept the audience engaged the entire time, which is rare for a speaker. People are still talking about his performance.
— Alan Martin, State Training Coordinator, Aflac


speech outline
💔 The Opening

No Condition Is Permanent

A 3D Blueprint For Thriving Through Change In The New Economy

Opening 10 Minutes – Middle 40 Minutes – Open 10 Minutes

About 10 Minutes

I walk on stage with the tiny, battered suitcase. (Intrigue and wonder.)

Dramatic Demonstration:

Instantly take the audience to a time when they saw the commercial about the starving children on their television in Africa. Describe the images they saw to grab their attention. The little boy… powerless, isolated and condemned.


“By a show of hands, how many of you have seen that infomercial on your television?”

Breaking The Fourth Wall: The invisible wall between the presenter and the audience.

Single out one person who raises his or her hands… “Mom, that little boy you saw on your television was me!”.

There’s usually a surprising reaction or unspoken question… is it true?

Then, I reveal… No, I have never been on one of those infomercials. However, when you saw that little boy on the floor in that tiny village, you were witnessing my story.

Everything I went through as that little boy was my training to be trusted with a message for the world. That message is… No Condition is Permanent… It’s the message I came here to share with you. But, before I do…

Note: The structure of a powerful presentation is simple…. My world. Their world. My world. Their world. Etc. (I, Us, You) Throughout the whole presentation, I’ll be using that formula.



Praise them for showing up in spite of their busy schedule. Let them know how all of us in the room have kindred spirits. We are always learning and growing. We would never miss this unique opportunity to reset and rekindle our spirit. (Very important especially for the first-time attendees.) Also, there’s an implied message here about belonging to a community of world changers.

INTERACTION: Touch your heart, look at your neighbor and say, “I’m glad you showed up.”

“Give yourselves a big round of applause!

TRANSITION: Use of a transitional phrase here.

So, there are 3 ways to overcome any challenge. I call them the 3D Blue Print For Thriving Through Change Here they are:

🗣 Point #1: Drive
POINT #1: DRIVE (About 12 minutes)

SUMMARY: Drive is the energy to carry on during turbulent times of change.

We need a lof fuel for the journey. The people we bond and connect with and our contribution to the human race are the difference that makes the difference during tough times. They are the fuel that propels us.

STORIES: Here, I share a story where the main character ignited hope and encouraged me to create a compelling future in spite of any lack of evidence that it was possible. Then, invite them into their world to remember who that character was for them. Or when they were that character for someone else. More importantly, how they are strategically building network for personal and business support.


Who was that person for you?

I shhare with them my quick and powerful Reptilian Brain Connection Formula with them to network.

Takeaway Tool: Inspire them to meet as many people as possible and introduce as many people to each other as possible. And nurture those relationships.

TRANSITION: Transitional phrase here.

🗣 Point #2: Duplicate
POINT #2: DUPLICATE (About 12 minutes)

Most people struggle in life and business because they keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Success leaves clues. We need to find and model them.

Here, I share some concrete examples and stories to illustrate this point. This is about collaboration, modeling success, and sharing best practices. They will also walk away with practical ideas on how to find success clues.


There’s a lot of humor and playfulness here.

The phrase “same thing” and “no condition is permanent” often become catchphrases for the audience.

They repeat them to each other at the event and beyond. No matter what we are going through, somebody or industry has been through it. That person is either in our network or outside.

TRANSITION: Transitional phrase here.

🗣 Point # 3: Defend
(About 12 minutes)

POINT #3: DEFEND (About 12 minutes)

This point is about self-love and being proactive. It’s about loving ourselves enough to protect ourselves from negative self-talk. So, kill the monster while it’s a baby in our head before it takes over and ruins our lives.

In life, we get what we tolerate in life. The solution is to stop tolerating negativity from ourselves and others. It’s all about self-love.


The main metaphor here is the bee Vs rattlesnake story. There’s a lot of humor here as well.

We can’t control what happens to us. But we can control our reaction to what happens. We need to pour enough honey on the situation to make better.

Automation will continue to disrupt our lives. Marriott will continue to be unfair. But ultimately, it’s the story we tell ourselves that counts.


Demonstrate how rattlesnakes show up with a negative and se the tone in our environment. However, the bee is vibrant, upbeat, and ready to take on the day! They are on purpose.

The rattlesnakes usually have a fake smile and a constipated look. The bee has an authentic smile. And that smiles invites you into their world.


Make a quick eye contact with someone and give that person a nice and please smile.

(This is a very fun and playful moment.)

Identify a couple of people in the audience with pleasing personalities. Recognize them for broadcasting some positive vibrations into the room. Or ask if anyone has met some bees during the conference. Ask them to point that person out. Bring those bees on the stage and demonstrate what it’s like to be a bee. Give them a reward for their bravery.

Also, they will have an assignment to buy a little bottle of honey. I will explain why on stage.

Note: Here is where I often give a plug for the event organizers for being the bees behind the scene making sure we are having a great experience at the conference. And how something might go wrong. But we are bees, we will focus on the overall experience. Right?

TRANSITION: Transitional phrase here.

💔 The Closing
(About 10 minutes)


The Crescendo!!! It’s like the grand finale of the orchestra.

I go the audience, start a series of “I had to come by to…” while recapping the main points and takeaways.

Re-encourage, recognize and praise the audience for their awesomeness; for being the pulse of this great industry… without them Marriot, Hyatt, IHG, and the rest cannot spell the word sUccess. U make it impossible to spell the word. U make the difference.

Reconnect them with their purpose and contribution to the world.

Call on some names I met and connected with early before the speech to let them know I HAD TO COME BY just to meet them and remind them they are like teabags; they need hot water to know how strong they are. I JUST HAD TO COME BY TO……

Then walk back to the stage (while delivering “I had to come by…”) to grab the suitcase.

The suitcase is the one I came to the US with… I had to start from scratch….

The suitcase symbolizes gratitude!

No matter what we lost, we can still be grateful for the compelling future that is ahead of us…. and we are creating together at this event…

End with John Lennon’s quote… “In the end everything is going to be okay. If everything is not okay, it’s no the end.”