No Condition Is Permanent

How To Thrive Through Disturbing Change In The Workplace

No Condition is Permanent Keynote

Are you ready for a good dose of inspiration to help you reflect, recharge, and renew your spirit? Have you had moments when you felt discouraged, emotional pains, stress, and a lack of motivation?

Well, challenges are your opportunity to discover your strengths. You are like a tea bag. You never know how strong you are until you get into hot water.

The good news is, No Condition is Permanent. You can win. You can choose to go through it and grow through it.

In this presentation, Rene will share with you how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

This keynote is not rehashed and empty platitude from books. They are lessons learned from the trenches.

Rene started his journey through life in extreme poverty and diseases in a tiny village in Haiti. He arrived in the US with just five dollars, two shirts, and one pair of pants.

He was once a penniless immigrant unable to speak any English mopping floors as a janitor. Today, he is a best-selling author, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and humanitarian.

According to many statistics, Rene was supposed to settle for an average life in a comfort zone. But he beat the odds and created an extraordinary life for himself. Now, he wants to share with you his secrets.

Takeaways From No Condition is Permanent

  • How to wake up every day feel energized and motivated in spite of the problems
  • How to unleash your full power to fight victorious battles
  • Why you must run to change instead of running away
  • How to instantly change a down mood into a positive attitude
  • A simple way to turn around miserable and cynical people
  • How to instantly shift your mood from negative to positive
  • How to defy logic and prove the so-called experts wrong
  • Why you’re called out, set apart, and chosen to make a difference

Get ready for an engaging, entertaining, humorous, interactive, and substantive keynote presentation. You will walk away with a new attitude to face your daily challenges.

As an experienced keynote speaker, Rene knows how to engage and interact with audiences. His style is substantive, fun and authentic.

This presentation is not a one-size-fill-all keynote. Behind the scene, Rene spends hours learning about your challenges and successes.

You’ll get a customized presentation that offers solutions to your pressing issues.

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