Nothing Can Stop A Determined Human Spirit

Resilient Rene

The Resilient Rene

An acclaimed keynote speaker and Writer’s Digest award-winning author, Rene Godefroy is known for taking his audiences on a journey of self-discovery. His blend of entertainment, style and substance is why meeting planners book him.

His captivating keynote often pushes hot buttons that make attendees sometimes feel uncomfortable. However, Rene also causes them to reimagine their lives and their inner potentials. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calls him a “motivational hit.” The Miami Times calls him a “motivational guru.” But most people know him as an ordinary man with extraordinary.

From A Poor Village In Haiti

Born in a small and impoverished village in Haiti, Rene’s early life was dismal.

Poverty and disease vowed to end his existence. Even the villagers gave up on him. They predicted he would not survive.

However, Rene had the spirit and resolve to keep fighting and defy logic to rise above his challenges.

Today, his story is a testament to the force and the power we all have within us. He proved that with resilience, we can transform challenges into opportunities. He often reminds his audiences that change is a gift. Accept it!

The Village Hero
The American Dream

The American Dream

Rene arrived in the US with only five dollars, one pair of pants, and two shirts. He didn’t speak English.

He redefined the American Dream in his own terms and achieve it. He discovered that the secret is to be willing to pay the price and stay positive attitude.

While many were making excuses, blaming others, and playing the victim game, Rene chose to burn the midnight oil and work hard.

With only $3, he started his first business in the parking lot of a bank washing cars in Miami. In spite of so many rejections Rene proved success is possible with the right attitude.

The Impossible Is Possible

Today, Rene is sharing stages with global leaders. From classrooms to corporate giants, he inspires hope, courage, and resilience to move millions into action.

He is known for nudging audiences out of their comfort zones. He asks them thought provoking questions and challenges them to confront their deeply held beliefs so they can reach the next level.

AT&T, Aflac, Coca-Cola, the US Army, Verizon Wireless are among the Fortune 500 companies that booked Rene to boost morale.

The city of Smyrna, Georgia dedicated an entire day as the “Rene Godefroy Day”. The city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida granted him a key to the city.

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