No Condition is Permanent!

Virtual Presentations To Embrace Change And Boost Morale During Stressful Times

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How We Choose to Respond to External Events Determines Whether We Fold or Hold! 

“Your keynote was very inspirational, the perfect start to our gathering. I will continue to try and “mess with my mind” and truly hope I will have another opportunity to hear you speak. Thank YOU!”

- Andrea McDonald

Director of Programs Initiatives, CFES Brilliant Pathways

For the last 25 years, Rene has been helping leaders in large corporations become more resilient, confident, and optimistic during tough times.

His expertise is from personal experiences in the trenches and 20 years of research on the science of resilience and grit.

His journey started as a poverty and diseases stricken kid in a tiny village in Haiti. Rene arrived in the US with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants and unable to speak English.

Rene believes the shock and fear triggered by the Coronavirus COVID-19 will rattle the cage of many leaders and team members. They will lose focus and momentum. Their resilience and confidence will be deflated.

That is why he created his new virtual keynote and training program to empower teams in the workplace, so they can regain their confidence, certainty, focus, energy, and resilience. The secret is to focus on the new opportunities instead of our losses.

At the end of the day, what something means to us determines our reality. It’s what determines whether we freeze or keep pressing on.

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Kick Your Excuses Goodbye

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“This book is loaded with practical ideas and insights for greater success and achievement.”

brian tracy author– Brian Tracy
Best-selling author of The Psychology of Selling

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The Resilience Movement

We work with teachers in the most economically disadvantaged schools around the world to inspire kids, so they can be resilient in spite of their challenges. We believe young people, regardless of their economic status, deserve a chance to be and have more. Their barriers are their limiting beliefs and their inability to imagine what’s possible.

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