No Condition Is Permanent

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This Keynote Will Make Your team Kick your Excuses Goodbye!

From dismal poverty and diseases in a tiny village to now a best-selling author, and an acclaimed motivational speaker sharing stages with global leaders.

Rene arrived in the US with $5, two shirts, one pair of pants and unable to speak English. While most people around him were making excuses and blaming others for their circumstances, he saw an amazing country full of opportunities.

Today, Rene is reminding audiences all over the world that no condition is permanent. “You are either full of excuses or reasons to succeed. It’s your choice?” Says Rene.

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“Thank you again for for delivering a powerful message that drove home our theme.”
— Ronald E. Kirkland, SVP Aflac


“The message Rene delivered was powerful, energetic and inspiring, and at the same time very entertaining. He was able to tailor his message to meet the needs of our organization.”

-Dan Birach

Exec. VP, Alere Health

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The Resilience Movement

One of Rene’s main priorities in life is to work with teachers in the most economically disadvantaged schools around the world to inspire kids to be resilient in spite of their challenges. He believes our young people, regardless of economic status, deserve a chance to realize their full potential and be all they can be.

How Can You Join The Resilience Movement?

When you book Rene to speak at your event 15% of his net will go toward the resilience movement. Consider it your way of making a difference. It’s your contribution.