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Resources Versus Resourcefulness.

We have everything we need to overcome our challenges. We simply need to know the difference between resources and resourcefulness. It’s all about installing new and empowering beliefs that shift focus from limitations to possibilities.

Rene wants to show you how to energize your team to have a larger vision than their current realities. He started in poverty and diseases in a tiny village. He arrived in the US with two shirts, one pair of pants, five dollars, and unable to speak English.

Today, he is the author of Kick Your Excuses Goodbye, a sought-after motivational speaker, and businessman. Now he wants to join forces with you to help you rekindle the spirit of your team and boost morale.

Our two flagship programs: No Condition is Permanent | Stunning Service Excellence

His audience members are the heroes. He is there to serve them.

“Thank you again for delivering a powerful message that drove home our theme.”
— Ronald E. Kirkland, SVP Aflac

“The message Rene delivered was powerful, energetic and inspiring, and at the same time very entertaining. He was able to tailor his message to meet the needs of our organization.”
-Dan Birach,
Exec. VP, Alere Health

Each keynote is customized based on your theme.

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Kick Your Excuses Goodbye

Writer’s Digest Award-Winning

“This book is loaded with practical ideas and insights for greater success and achievement.”

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Best-selling author of The Psychology of Selling

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The Resilience Movement

We work with teachers in the most economically disadvantaged schools around the world to inspire kids, so they can be resilient in spite of their challenges. We believe young people, regardless of their economic status, deserve a chance to be and have more.

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10% of the fee you pay will go toward the resilience movement.
Consider it your way of making a difference.
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