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Top 5 Reasons To Book Rene As Your Annual Conference Keynote Speaker!

1- Over 20 years as a keynote speaker

You already have too much to worry about to make your event is a mega success. Don’t gamble when it comes to choosing your speaker. Rene is proven and tested. He has been in the trenches as an annual keynote conference speaker for well over 20 years.

He understands what it takes to join forces with an event planner to create a memorable experience for the attendees.

He will deliver a powerful keynote presentation with total confidence, authority, and power that will move your crowd to step out of their comfort zone, embrace change, and take action. He will do so in a fun, humorous, and interactive way. His content is custom tailored for specific audiences.

2- He interacts and connects with audiences

Rene knows the psychology of what bonds and connects people with each other. That is why he gets off the stage during key moments in the presentation to involve the listeners and interact with them. And he makes sure they connect with each other as well.

We’re living in a fast-paced world with lots of distractions beckoning for our attention. In fact, People’s attention is about eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish.

As an event planner, your annual conference keynote speaker should capture the attention of the audience in the first eight seconds of the presentation. No time should be wasted on empty platitudes.

Sometimes audience members are physically in the hotel’s ballroom. But, mentally they are somewhere else. It’s the speaker’s duty to bring them back. Count on Rene to capture and hold their attention during the entire presentation.

3- Authentic on and off stage

Rene has a down-to-earth attitude on and off stage that endears him to his listeners.

Reality shows became so mainstream and popular for a reason. It’s because they are authentic and real. At least, it’s the perception the producers want to create.

“Reality Speaking” is a term Rene coined many years ago to remind his colleagues to be authentic on stage instead of being too polished and well rehearsed.

People do not connect with perfection. They connect with flaws and struggles. The attendees should feel that the speaker is a human being just like them.

A lack of authenticity creates an invisible barrier between the audience and the speaker which makes it extremely hard to connect.

Whether you are planning a sales conference, an annual event for your non-profit, or a retreat for your staff, look for an annual conference keynote speaker who is authentic. Look for a TED talk type speaker.

4. Extremely easy to work with

Rene is constantly looking for ways to make it a no-brainer for meeting planners and speakers bureaus to book him.

Expect to receive a call from him as soon as he arrives at the venue. He will also make sure you have his cell phone number in case you have a last-minute request.

There’s a story about a rock star in the 70’s who would request M&Ms for backstage. He demanded that they remove all the brown ones. Unfortunately, some professional speakers are that difficult to deal with.

They don’t understand that they are not the stars of the show. The real stars are the audience members. It’s all about them.

Rene will smile and greet everyone on the site with a positive attitude because he believes that he’s an extension of your staff.

5. Custom tailored keynotes for each audience

Before the speech, Rene does everything he can to understand the audience and what is important to them.

He visits the company’s website and reads their mission and vision statement. He does some advanced Google searches to look for previous conference materials, company news (negative or positive), milestones, achievements, press releases, financial statements, etc.

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) is what the conference attendees are asking themselves about the whole event. They may not ask that question consciously. But subconsciously, they are asking it.

Therefore, there must be a clear focus on exactly what the attendees will walk away from the conference to better their lives – professionally and personally. And it must be meaningful and relevant to them based on their current challenges.

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