The most requested keynote by popular demand:

No Condition Is Permanent!

“Your keynote was very inspirational, the perfect start to our gathering. I will continue to try and “mess with my mind” and truly hope I will have another opportunity to hear you speak. Thank YOU!”

Andrea McDonald

Director of Programs Initiatives, CFES Brilliant Pathways

No Condition Is Permanent

3 fundamental takeaways from this keynote

This keynote presentation is based on proven scientific research to switch the brain on for resilience during times of difficult change. Rene combines insights from a poverty and diseased life in a Haitian village and years of inquiry into the psychology of human achievement.

The goal is to empower the audience so that they can embrace change without fear and stresses. No condition is permanent.

What’s Covered…

1: BE RESILIENT: Resilience is the commitment to carry along by force in a specified direction in spite of the roadblocks. Simply put, is velocity. And without velocity, there’s no energy.

In this segment, Rene shares some scientifically proven ways to rewire the brain for resilience. It’s about accessing the right levers to move any mountain out of their way.

2: MODEL SUCCESS: Engineering spectacular success is not reserved for the privileged. If it’s possible for anyone, it’s possible for everyone.

For thousands of years, every invention and technological breakthrough is a model designed upon a previous one. Most people struggle because they keep reinventing the wheels.

In this segment of the keynote, Rene reveals his SDI (Strategic Decoding Inquiry) formula. It’s a powerful way of modeling success with precise accuracy.

3: PROTECT YOUR MIND: At a basic level, everything is energy. We are always generating and broadcasting energy – positive or negative. Without energy, there’s no life.

Many years ago, one Indian guru said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.” The field of neuroscience has many verifiable types of research to back that statement.

The people we meet, shake hands with, spend time with do negatively or positively influence our energy level. If it’s negative, then it is our job to access our internal power to influence their energy instead of the other way around.

In this segment, Rene will share with the attendees his Gateway Trifecta Formula to generate high energy and a positive attitude on command.