Let me share with you how to become a superstar in the workplace so that you can command respect, admiration and hopefully big paychecks.

What you’re about to learn here will help you produce stunning results at work or in your personal life. It’s how I went from being a doorman at a hotel making $4.25 an hour living the American Dream. It’s how I blazed my way to the top of the speaking industry and rub shoulders with the giants.

The good news is, it has nothing to do with how smart and how educated you are. Personally, I have no college education and I didn’t even finish high school in my country. I didn’t speak any English when I arrived in the US. But the moment I decided to apply what you’ll learn here, my life drastically changed.

If you feel like you’ve struggling and things are not working out according to your expectations, here’s help for you. I want to introduce you to what is called CFS—Critical Success Factor. I call it the Slight Advantage. All right, what is CFS?

It’s a term successful companies use to identify their core competencies. They determine the vital few elements within the company. They focus intensely on improving them. Then they avoid what are considered to be distractions to their core competencies.

I highly encourage you the same if you want soar to new heights, be the best you can be, and reach superstar status.

Here Are 3 Steps to Effortlessly Help You Become a Superstar in Your Workplace:

1-Identify Your Critical Success Factors (CFS). Write down 5 to 7 areas in your field that are vital or critical to your success. Then grade yourself on them from a scale of 1 to 10. Maybe you’re not sure how to grade yourself.  Well, ask for feedback. Ask your boss, friends, or customers.

Say this to them, “I need your help. Please help me grade myself that I can improve. How am I doing on a scale of 1 to10 in the following areas…?” Also, ask them to be honest with you.  And in return, don’t take it personal. After all, you’re looking for opportunities to grow and be the very best in your field.

Often, you’ll discover those critical or vital success factors are the areas where you weak and not performing at your best. You tend to neglect them. You probably would get more results and make more money if you were really strong and over performing in the areas that are vital to your company.

2-Decide To Improve Upon Your CFS. Everyone at the top started at the bottom.  Right now and where you are,  set a goal to improve by only 10 percent every month in the areas you’re not performing well and that are critical to your success. In 12 months, you’ll be a force to reckon with in your field. You’ll exponentially explode your results.

It’s kind of like the penny study. If you double one penny every single day, in 30 days, you’d have over one million dollars. I couldn’t believe it either when my accountant said it to me. I had to run the numbers myself. My calculator told me it’s true. That goes to say, small improvements can yield big results.

By they very fact you decide to improve upon your weaknesses, you put yourself in a totally different category. You’re now in the driver’s seat. You’re on your way to becoming the best that commands respect and big paychecks in your field.

3-Burn The Midnight Oil. Becoming the best is an ongoing-do-it-yourself project. You must read books, listen to CDs, watch DVDs, read articles, and attend seminars to learn how to excel where you are weak. You have to immerse yourself in personal improvement.

It would also help to ask someone from the top to mentor you. Again, be open to honest feedback. In no time you will be unstoppable.

Now, go to work and make it happen. May you be the very best in field. May companies start a bidding war over you because you excel so much in the critical and vital areas that make them money.

Press on!


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