The Real Truth Facebook Prays You Never Find Out About Time Management

The Real Truth Facebook Prays You Never Find Out About Time Management

Do you suspect something is holding you back from doing what you need to do to succeed? You are correct! And Facebook is one of the accomplices.

That something is your INABILITY to bend time to serve your purpose. It’s the ninja advantage of the world’s most accomplished men and women… the 2%.

Do you wake up every day with a plan and block time to executive the plan? Are you ready to join the ranks of high achievers?

When you do, you will earn the admiration and respect others. Some will even envy you. You will go to bed with a clear mind to sleep like a baby.

No more tossing and turning worrying about what you should have done.

That’s power!

In just a moment, I will hand you that power. I will show you how to bend time and make it your slave instead of your master. I will also help you cure the rare disease called FOMO.

Yes, you are suffering from it …until NOW.

How Did It All Start?

The History of Clocks

Let’s see.

Once upon a time, people didn’t think about time management. That was during the agricultural age (in the 1700s). They lived simplistic lives.

They either worked as farmers or made things with their hands from sunrise to sunset.

Daylight dictated working hours. Their shadows were enough to tell mornings, middays, and evenings.

The introduction of big machinery, electricity, and artificial lights changed every-day living. Workers start migrating indoors. They needed to  keep time for their wages.

First, there were  the hour water and glass clocks. Then the invention of mechanical clocks. Seconds didn’t matter much. A two-hand clock was enough.

The Mandate To Manage Time

Today, if you are serious about boosting your productivity, you CANNOT afford to hopefully things will get done. You have to manage your time effectively. Not a chance!


This is the information age. It’s coming from everywhere: Television, radio, advertising, social media, 4.63 billion pages and counting. There’s nowhere to hide from distractions.

The idea that someday you will sit down and finish your projects is an illusion. Someday will never compel you to start and finish anything. It’s not on the calendar!

You MUST organize your days, months, years, and even your lifetime to take charge of your future. Master the art of starting and finishing.

Be a doer of your words.

Benjamin Franklin, the father of time management and inventor of electricity, said…

“Time is money,” and “Time is the stuff of which life is made.”

At the tender age of twenty-one, while traveling on an ocean liner, he created what he called his “Plan of Conduct”.

In it, he wrote four personal affirmations. Surprisingly, number three speaks volume in light of what I’m sharing with you. Here it is…

“I’m determined to diligently and energetically pursue anything I undertake. Furthermore, I won’t allow myself to be distracted from my goals and responsibilities by any foolish project or get rich quick scheme; because diligence, persistence and patience are the best ways to succeed.”

Take THAT to the bank!

No wonder why this giant could achieve so much in one month than most people can in a lifetime. His secrets? Time management!!!

The Only 2 Magic Words You Need To Become A Ninja Time Manager

There are two words you have to top of the mind for the rest of your life. They will unleash your creativity. Ready?

In the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey gave us the magic formula. It’s a hard book to read. But his time management formula is precious. Two words you should be aware of…

Important. Urgent.
Time Management Quadrant

Their opposites, “Not Important” and “Not Urgent” are also part of the formula. He called them The Four Quadrants For Time Management.

Here’s a view of this quadrant looks like:

Quadrant #1: Urgent and Important

Fire in your kitchen? Urgent and important. You have to put it out RIGHT AWAY. If your kid falls and breaks some teeth, it’s urgent and important.

Run to the emergency room NOW! You cannot ignore quadrant number one.

Quadrant #2: Important and Not Urgent

Going to the gym or running daily is not urgent. But, it’s extremely important. It’s exactly what you must do.

That is if you want more energy, less stress, and a host of benefits that come with that. Planning your financial future and retirement are definitely important.

It’s easy to say, ”I will get to it someday.” Oddly enough, those activities are not something you tend to enjoy. You have to make yourself perform them. Guess what?

All great achievers focus and spend more time in quadrant number #2. They force themselves to do the things underachievers don’t enjoy. Hmmmm!

Quadrant #3: Urgent and Not Important

The every-day interruptions such as emails, Facebook, and Internet browsing appear to be urgent. But the are not important. The vast majority of underachievers  out there spend their time in this quadrant.

They are always busy doing the urgent. They check emails every five minutes as if their lives depend on it.

The email, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter addiction are not your fault. They are doing it to you. I’ll explain it to you in a moment. Yep! Mind-Blowing stuff.

For now, just recognize because something is urgent doesn’t mean you have to get to it now.

Quadrant #4: Not Urgent and Not Important

Have you calculated how much time you spend on the phone talking with friends or family members? You would be surprised at the total hours.

The worst part is, most of those conversations make no sense at all. They are repeated and rehashed blah, blah, blah.

How about when people decide to drop by because they are bored?

Not urgent. Not important. They show up to kill time.

Why do people KILL time? I’m still trying to figure this one out. I didn’t get it when I first started learning English as a poor immigrant. And I still don’t.

Look, quality time with your family members and friends. It’s very IMPORTANT.

But, does that mean they should drop by on impulse? What if I’m working on a deadline to get a project done?

Here’s how to handle this:

Block time on your calendar for family and friends. They deserve it. And, let them know about those time slots.

What am I practically telling you is to resist being on other people’s agenda.

By the way, that is what emails are all about. You check your emails first thing in the morning. You will feel compelled to reply.

You click on some links and some more. Now you have 20 tabs open in your browser. Now you are debating which one to close or keep open.

Puff! Your day vanishes!

That was never your agenda. By the way, I think tabs was the worst invention for us. It’s like you need an Act of Congress to make a decision to close a tab.

The FOMO Disease

FOMO Fear Of Missing Out

Okay.  You got Covey’s four quadrants for time management. They are… important, not important; urgent, and not urgent.

You decide you are going to spend most of your time in quadrant number two, right? You’d better!

Let me wrap up by briefly sharing with you about the rare disease that’s called FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. No time management article or post would be complete without addressing it.

Did you know Facebook, Google, and Twitter invest millions on behavioral psychologists? Would you like to know why?

It is to get you HOOKED!

They want to crawl inside your head and manipulate your addictive neurons. Simply put, they spent an enormous amount of money and time to get you addicted to their platforms.

Needless to say that your addiction is NOT something you develop on your own. Did you know you about your addiction? Probably not.

None of us is exempt. Do you have a cell phone? That’s exactly my point.

Everyone suffers from the terrible disease called FOMO… Fear Of Missing Out. That’s innate. We can’t stand not to “be in the know”. The behavioral psychologists know it.

That’s why the cool guy spends 10 hours in line at the mall to buy the latest iPhone. Totally irrational. But it is what it is.

That’s why the news is so addictive. We don’t want to miss out. My friends think I’m weird because I don’t watch television. Go figure!

How about those ridiculous notifications?

Such and such just changed his or her profile. Bob tagged you in a photo. Patrick endorsed you. Paul mentioned you. Carla commented on your update. Lucie shared an update with you. You get my drift, right?

What are you really missing out if you don’t click on the link to find out? Answer… NOTHING!

The FOMO Cure The Internet Lords Don’t Want You To Know

Disable the Wifi or unplug the Ethernet cable from your computer. Turn off your cell phone. Close your browser. That’s it.

Maybe you have to have to access the Internet while working. If that’s the case, turn off anything else such as emails.

Practice what I call The One Tab Solution. Test yourself. Go one day with the commitment to have one tab open at any moment.

Check your emails only twice a day. Once during lunchtime and once in the evening.

Finally, remember this….

“Time will either expand or contract to fill any space. Meaning, whatever amount of time you have available to do a task, you will take it.”

Give yourself specific deadlines. And do not compromise even if you have to gobble 5 cups of coffee to pull an all-nighter. That is the best-kept secret of high producers.

Your Action Step:

Click on this link to DOWNLOAD this dandy little poster about execution.