Have you ever felt stuck? Maybe you are trading dollars for hours at a soul-sucking job. Or you’ve been trying to grow your business without results. You watch others who are not as smart as you are living your dreams.

You know you can do so much better. You want to make a difference, but you just don’t know how to start. You read the books, buy the courses, and attend the events. Yet, you are still stuck. The reality is, you already have everything you need to succeed..

You are an original. There will never be another copy of you! Not a single person on this planet can fulfill your mission. You already have the superpower to transform lives, to make a difference, and to leave a lasting legacy. Millions are currently looking for your guidance.


There’s an inner-knowing within you that knows EVERYTHING! Just trust yourself. Don’t wait for others to anoint you. Don’t wait for approval or acceptance. Just be unapologetically YOU without the fear of rejection or criticism.

Your stories, experiences, current knowledge, background, setbacks, disappointments, and pains are your qualifications.


  • How to package and monetize your stories, background, experiences, and current knowledge
  • How to get clarity and focus on what problem you solve so you can dial in a message that hooks your audience
  • How to uncover and map your ideal customer avatar’s journey so you can guide them with confidence
  • How to enter inside the inner conversation that is already going in your target audience’s head so they feel you are the solution to their problem
  • The right way to structure your business to work less and to make money without paying a boatload of taxes
  • How to master the marketing of super-successful marketers
  • How to create the right systems to get a floodgate of new clients on autopilot, even while you are sleeping
  • How to overcome the imposter syndrome so you can charge for your time and services
  • How to become a master influencer to get others to take action on command
  • How to speak with power and unshakable confidence to make everyone feel you are talking directly to them
  • How to have a conveyor belt of potential clients begging to give you money without being a pushy salesperson

It’s like having a total blueprint for business success. Rene will help you start, launch, and scale your dream business like a boss.

Just bring your persistence, burning desire, and ideas. He will share with you the secrets he used to go from being a poverty-stricken kid in a tiny village in Haiti to now being one of the highest paid speakers and coaches in the world.

PRICE: 7,997 USD

This a three-month intensive coaching program with Rene Godefroy. You will get on a Zoom call with Rene every two weeks. If you have any questions before our next call, you can text or email him directly for answers.

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