Low Morale In The Workplace Demands More Motivation Instead Of More Trainings

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When companies are going through disturbing changes and low morale in the workplace, the best solution is to make sure employees are inspired and motivated to face their daily challenges. Unfortunately, many companies tend to dismiss this one simple truth.

Far too many bosses are in denial. They claim that motivation is the kind of fluff that doesn’t help their situation. They think more knowledge and skills are the ways to deal with stressful change in the workplace. That’s a false assumption. Let me explain…

A young lady called my office a few months ago. She was planning a meeting for her company. She told me based on the challenges they were facing, they needed someone to boost morale and inspire their team.

However, her bosses didn’t think a motivational speaker was what they needed to help them deal with rapid and difficult change. They wanted her to find either a business consultant, sales or customer service trainer. As far as motivation, they left it up to the team members to motivate themselves.

Tough Times Demand Motivation and Inspiration

The young lady’s challenge was to persuade her bosses to book me as their keynote speaker. She felt like I was the best fit for her event. She wanted me to coach her on how to sell me to her bosses. I did. And, it’s was easy for me to do.

The reality is, most people already know what to do to get more done or succeed through tough times. Stressful changes don’t render individuals incompetent. They simple demotivate them. America’s workplaces are full of highly educated and skilled employees that are unmotivated and disengaged.

Trainings & Skills Are Not A Solution For Low Morale

Let’s say your team members have been in sales for the last 10 years. Suddenly, the economy is tanking. Your company starts implementing some tough changes, do you think the employees need to learn more selling skills in order to rise up to their new challenges?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Yes, there are instances when the people perish for lack of knowledge. But, this is NOT the case. More selling techniques, tricks, and strategies don’t boost morale in the workplace.

What I’m essentially saying is this: Your team already know what they need to do to achieve more and prosper during hard times. They are creative and inventive enough to do more with less. The just lack the motivation to do so.

They need to be fired up to keep pressing on. Someone needs to inspire them to see what’s possible for them in the midst of their difficulties. Most people are more than capable of handling their situation with the right cheerleaders.

There are so many people paying a lot of money to Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers to lose weight. Is it because they don’t know what to do to lose weight? I don’t think so.

Losing weight does not require more skills. Here’s the formula: Eat Less + Exercise More = Weight Loss

A few years ago, I started a quest to learn how wealthy people accumulate their wealth. I called a friend of mine who is a wealthy banker. I asked him to share with me the secret to wealth. I was shocked when he revealed the secret. Would you like to know what it is?

The Secret To Wealth

Save More + Spend Less + Make More = Wealth

That sounds simplistic, isn’t it? But, it is exactly how wealthy people accumulate their wealth. Sure, you can go to seminars after seminars. You can go to college to get a degree in finances. But, none of that would help you get rich.

As a matter of fact, there are lots of highly educated people in the world who are broke. Why? Well, they lack the motivation and inspiration to save more, make more, and spend less.

My point is, your team members don’t need more tools and trainings. That’s not going to boost morale during stressful times in the workplace. They just need to be inspired and motivated to consistently apply what they already know.


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