Point #3 Defend – How To Protect Your Mind From Negative People

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This is point #3 from The 3D Blueprint For Thriving Through Tough Times. It’s about protecting your mind from negative people so you can have peace.

Most people in life are positive. They are fun and pleasurable to work and live with. However, there’s a small percentage of the people who can be very negative and toxic.

That does not make them bad people. A behavior is never the person. Those people have good intentions. It’s just that their computers (minds) are infected with viruses.

The goal is not to try to fix them. It’s rather to understand why they behave the way they do. The way they behave has nothing to with you. They are who they are wherever they go.

Simply put, don’t take it personally. The mean and negative people are not targeting you. They are living their own drama.


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