An Unusually Way To Do More With Less

Succeeding in today’s workplace requires the courage to embrace change. We are living in a rapidly changing world. Doing more with less is the new normal.

The reality is, we can do more with less. The problem is not because we don’t have more, or they are taking away our resources.

The problem is actually a lack of creativity to do what we can with what we have. Simply put, it’s an attitude issue.

If we can shift our focus from problems to solutions, we would be well on our way to be more productive regardless of our available resources or lack thereof.

Having all the resources in the world is not going to solve our current challenges in the workplace. We are wired to want to more. There’s never enough. After all, we are the hunters and gatherers.

There’s a big difference between resourcefulness and resources. If people were more resourceful, we would not have a waste problem. We would learn to creatively exploit the less and achieve more.

In this video, I share what I learned from observing my mother in Haiti. We were very poor. There’s not much for us to eat. However, my mother was like an alchemist.

She knew how to magically transform less into more. I believe if more people would embrace her mindset and attitude, we would achieve so much more. We would be unstoppable.


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