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How to deal with difficult employees in the workplace is one of the questions I am asked often as I travel the country keynoting conferences. I want to take a moment to give you some tips about it. You see, it’s just like any game.

Once you know and master the rules, you can win. Here’s one fact you must keep in mind when it comes to dealing with difficult employees: As long as you are dealing with people, there will be conflict.

Please read the last statement again and engrave it in your brain. For whatever reason, most people expect the world to behave and act the way they think the world should. Crazy! Of course, it would be ideal. Life would be so easy! But I hate to be the bad news bearer here.

People will always act and behave according to their world… Not yours.

If you can get what I just said, you will be well on your way to dealing with difficult people. You will begin to understand humanity on a whole new level. In fact, your world will change. And you should know the moment your world change, you change. Isn’t that beautiful, ugh?

Alright, now that we established people will behave the way they want to in the workplace, let’s look at how we can deal with those people.

4 Simple Strategies on How to Deal With Difficult Employees:

1- Let Them Be Who They Are

Do not try to change and reshape them. Here’s what you say to yourself when they start giving you an attitude: “That’s just the way he is.” Have you ever tried to change people to see things the way you see them? Did you succeed? Were you frustrated? Guess what?

The more you try to change others, the more you hurt yourself; the more stress you create for yourself.

2- Do No Allow Them To Get Under Your Skin 

What people say or do is just it. Everything else is your interpretation of the act or behavior. Really. It’s not what happens to us. It’s what we say to ourselves after it happens. Do you see what I mean? Shake your head and say, “yes”.

Most people love drama. They love to make a mountain out of a molehill. Someone says something and they go out and start creating or fabricating a whole story about what was said. As a result, the person that said it starts living under their skin. That’s insane! Stop it!

3- Feed Their Ego

This is a hard one. And I say this because some people think when we consciously feed someone’s ego, we are being weak. That is the complete opposite! Listen, what I’m telling you this is the magic pill to turn anyone into a piece of clay in your hand.

As soon as someone is trying to belittle or say mean things to you or about you, start showering them with kindness, compliments, or even gifts. They will feel weak! Try and you’ll the results. You will be in total control. Just don’t use it for manipulation.

4- Do Not Resist Them

Remember this: Whatever you persist will resist. That’s a natural law. Try to put something on the path of water and you’ll see how it builds momentum. That is how electricity is produced through the water. Extreme resistance creates raw power.

Here’s how you can try this: As soon as you get into an argument and it starts getting tense, tell the person, “I’m completely sorry. You are right.” Say it even if you think you are absolutely right. Now, I’m not saying to stand your ground for the truth. Although that are many other ways to skin that cat which I don’t have time to get into right now.

I just gave you four simple ways to handle difficult employees. But don’t just use them to deal with employees or co-workers. Use them to handle your personal friends and family members as well. The moment you begin to apply them in your life, your relationship with others will improve remarkably.

Your life will never be the same. The things that use to hurt you will cease to dwell in your head. People will want to be your friend. And best of all, the same people that use to irritate you, will be converted into pleasant individuals. They will behave differently. Now you see what I mean about when you change, the world changes.


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