Cracking The Influencer Code

Discover How Influencer Marketing Can Change Your Life

Have you ever felt stuck in a dead-end situation? Maybe you are trading dollars for hours at a soul-sucking job. Or you’ve been trying to grow your business without results. You watch others who are not as smart as you are living your dreams. You know you can do so much better. But you feel stagnant!

You want to step out and start making a difference, but you just don’t know how to go about it. You read the books, buy the courses, and attend the events. Yet, you are still overwhelmed and confused. The reality is, you don’t need any of that stuff. It’s your mind playing tricks on you.


You are an original with unique DNA. There will never be another copy of you, ever! Not a single person on this planet can share your unique gifts with the world except you! That means you have the superpower to transform lives, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy.

Millions of people are waiting on you to shine your light, so they can find their way out of their dark tunnel. They want you and only you to guide them regardless of how many gurus you think are more qualified than you. The more you procrastinate on living your dream, the more you are causing pain to those that need your solution. Your superpower is their solution.


You were born prequalified. If that wasn’t the case, you would not be reading this. You would not be seeking information on how to get unstuck. That means you are already what you are seeking to be. There’s an inner-knowing within that knows EVERYTHING!

Just trust yourself and you will hear that voice. Don’t wait for others to anoint you. Don’t wait for their approval or acceptance. You get to choose to transform yourself into whomever you desire. Just be unapologetically YOU without the fear of rejection or criticism.

Your stories, experiences, and background are all the qualifications you need. Use them to build your empire in any field of your choosing.

Your pains, setbacks, disappointments, experiences, and years of learning are your personal brand. Leverage them to elevate and inspire millions.You don’t need to come from a well-to-do family.

You don’t need to live in a major metropolitan city.You can achieve all your dreams while living in a tiny apartment in a remote and unknown city or village.

If you can bring your bulldog tenacity and resilience, Rene will show you the way. In this training, he will give you the blueprint to simplify the right message that resonates at a deep emotional level with your tribe.

Nobody can ever copy or duplicate you. Others can copy your products or services. But, the “YOU” factor is untouchable.

Your personal journey and DNA are the foundation upon which everything in your life revolves.You don’t have to be smarter than others. You don’t have to be more talented. You don’t need a degree or certificates.

Your uniqueness and authenticity are all the qualifications you will EVER need. There’s no need to keep chasing the latest gadgets or business opportunities. The secret to success is to stand out instead of trying to fit in.


People need to know about your uniqueness. Being the best kept secret in town is doing a disservice to those who are counting on you. Let’s face it…We are living in a ridiculously noisy world. We are bombarded with information. It’s easy to get distracted.

You need focus and clarity. Don’t be the kind of person who is trying to ride a bunch of horses at the same time. You won’t get anywhere. Just one horse and be everywhere with a single message.

The herd will flock in to give you money to help them you can transform their lives. Remember this, if they don’t know you exist, you don’t exist for them.


  • How to go from obscurity to massive exposure globally
  • How to convert your stories into assets to positively influence and impact millions so you can finally live the lifestyle you rightfully deserve
  • How to conquer the imposter syndrome, so you can feel you belong anywhere you arrive
  • Advanced mind-jacking and psychology-based persuasion techniques to impact and influence
  • How to intentionally make your audience fall in love with you
  • How to get clarity and focus on exactly who you serve
  • The low-cost tools you will need to get maximum exposure
  • How to crush it on camera even if you are terrified of speaking in public
  • A step-by-step approach to creating content that resonates with your audience
  • How to spot and capitalize on opportunities where most see problems
  • How to get paid top dollars for what’s in your head
  • How to vibe with your tribe, so they help you spread your message and amplify your impact
  • How to identify the exact pressing problem your target market desperately wants to solve
  • How to uncover and map your ideal customer avatar’s journey, so you can guide them with confidence
  • What to do to avoid being a me-too in a sea of competitors
  • How to craft a core and unique message that vibes with your tribe
  • How to speak with power and unshakable confidence to make everyone feel you are talking directly to them
  • How to enter inside the inner conversation that is already going on inside your prospect’s heads, so they feel you truly understand them
  • How to have a conveyor belt of potential clients begging to give you money without being a pushy salesperson
  • How to handle rejections and player haters like a boss
  • How to get maximum focus and clarity to eliminate overwhelm and confusion for good
  • What to package your offer and offer it to the marketplace so you can monetize your stories

Rene can help you pinpoint your unique personal brand so you can position yourself as the preeminent leader in any market. Simply put, you will be able to boost your social influence so you can make a bigger impact.

Just bring your burning desires and ideas. Rene will show you the way. He will share with you the secrets he used to from being a poverty-stricken kid in a tiny village in Haiti to now being a highly celebrated teacher and speaker sharing stages with global leaders.