Attitude Is A Choice

A Positive Attitude

Everyday team members in the workplace have the power to choose what kind of day they will have. However, very few exercises that power. Instead, they allow the circumstances to determine their attitude. They continue to react to events. Simply put, they are reactive instead of proactive.

In this presentation, Rene reminds his audiences that things don’t happen to us. They rather happen because of us. It’s time to stop playing the victims in the movie we call life. Victims take the right action to change their condition.

As the saying goes, we can’t stop a bird from landing on our head. But, we can stop it from building a nest. With a positive attitude, we choose how we react to any situation. That’s the kind of self-control that gives us the power to overcome our challenges.

Rene will masterfully weave your current organizational challenges with powerful and emotional stories to empower your team members so they can a new paradigm. The end result is a powerful team working together in harmony and a can-do attitude!

They will learn…

  • How to make the most out of every day in spite of their challenges
  • How to condition their brain to respond to events with a positive attitude
  • How to use the power of a smile to impact those they serve and work with
  • Why an attitude of gratitude is the gateway to abundance
  • How to use questions to reframe their thinking
  • How to tactfully stop negative people from spoiling their day
  • How to turn their fears and uncertainties into fuel to propel them forward

This is a high energy, fun, and an interactive keynote presentation designed to inspire your team to tackle their challenges with a new mindset. Rene will take the time to research and truly understand your audience and what they do. He wants to know their challenges.