Most people are overwhelmed. They are aiming instead of firing. This video will give you some insights on how to get unstuck in order to start living your dreams.

There are 3 things you must to get what you want out life.

1- Write down what you want
I know it sounds cliche. However, there is something magical that happens between the brain and your hand when you take the time to put down on paper what you want to achieve.

Yes, the gurus have been saying that forever. Yes, you probably tried writing down your goals but didn’t get to accomplish them. Well, perhaps you are missing the next two critical things you must do after you write down your goals.

2- Chunk It Down
Did you know that your brain was never designed to process one large piece information all at once? That’s right. When you give your brain a big and complex project, it checks out. You get overwhelmed.

That explains why we have so many open loops – unfinished businesses – in our lives. Life is about having spaces in between. Although everything is connected, there are spaces between all things.

Have you ever noticed the spaces in between your telephone numbers? How about your social security numbers? Take a look at your car, and you will see a bunch of parts connected together. Right?

But, what you may not be conscious of is the fact that every part was created individually in different departments.

For example, writing a book can seem to be an overwhelming task to the brain. Instead of thinking about a whole book, think about one chapter at a time. Focus on the chapter until you get it done. Then, celebrate or reward yourself.

3- Stop Being A Perfectionist

The big corporations are notorious for putting lousy products on the market. Think of Microsoft, for example. They sell you Windows Professional. The thing is full of bugs. It frustrates you. Your computer keeps crashing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is getting bug reports directly from your computer. They keep making adjustments. Now and then, they release a patch.

When they finally get the product right, they change its name to something sexy like Windows Vista. Guess what? Instead of rewarding you for helping them discover the bugs, they turn around and sell it to you.

Now, why are you trying to be so perfect? Why not use the same model? The reality is, you will never be as ready or prepared as you want to be. However, you are ready enough for now. You can improve as you go.

Take the job and do what you can to get better as you go. Start the business and learn the skills you need as you go. Just get out and do something.

You don’t have to be good to start. But, you have to start in order to be good. Finally, take this to the bank:

Good enough is good enough. Start NOW! Go for it!


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