VIDEO: How To Stop Being A Perfectionist

Most people are overwhelmed. They are aiming instead of firing. This video will give you some insights on how to get unstuck in order to start living your dreams.

There are 3 things you must to get what you want out life.

1- Write down what you want
I know it sounds cliche. However, there is something magical that happens between the brain and your hand when you take the time to put down on paper what you want to achieve.

Yes, the gurus have been saying that forever. Yes, you probably tried writing down your goals but didn’t get to accomplish them. Well, perhaps you are missing the next two critical things you must do after you write down your goals.

2- Chunk It Down
Did you know that your brain was never designed to process one large piece information all at once? That’s right. When you give your brain a big and complex project, it checks out. You get overwhelmed.

That explains why we have so many open loops – unfinished businesses – in our lives. Life is about having spaces in between. Although everything is connected, there are spaces between all things.

Have you ever noticed the spaces in between your telephone numbers? How about your social security numbers? Take a look at your car, and you will see a bunch of parts connected together. Right?

But, what you may not be conscious of is the fact that every part was created individually in different departments.

For example, writing a book can seem to be an overwhelming task to the brain. Instead of thinking about a whole book, think about one chapter at a time. Focus on the chapter until you get it done. Then, celebrate or reward yourself.

3- Stop Being A Perfectionist

The big corporations are notorious for putting lousy products on the market. Think of Microsoft, for example. They sell you Windows Professional. The thing is full of bugs. It frustrates you. Your computer keeps crashing.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is getting bug reports directly from your computer. They keep making adjustments. Now and then, they release a patch.

When they finally get the product right, they change its name to something sexy like Windows Vista. Guess what? Instead of rewarding you for helping them discover the bugs, they turn around and sell it to you.

Now, why are you trying to be so perfect? Why not use the same model? The reality is, you will never be as ready or prepared as you want to be. However, you are ready enough for now. You can improve as you go.

Take the job and do what you can to get better as you go. Start the business and learn the skills you need as you go. Just get out and do something.

You don’t have to be good to start. But, you have to start in order to be good. Finally, take this to the bank:

Good enough is good enough. Start NOW! Go for it!


  1. carolyn

    Hi Rene, I have been watching some of your videos. Very helpful by the way. I have multiple sclerosis and it is like I try to file my nails or shave my legs perfect or good enough because my body is not right on the inside with this ms. I have lesions bilateral all over my brain, so I am struggling severe cognitively, but its weird not intellect. I am very smart, 3 years college almost 4.0. But cognitive impairment. So I try to do a simple task and horrible short term memory. So I don’t remember if I did it right out of habit or what to think then I get frustrated and start all over like I failed. I have applied some of the skills you have said but do not always feel good enough and get confidence to move on ot the next thing I have to do. What should I try?

  2. MariE

    Thanks for the uplift. I’m in the process of releasing my E book.

  3. Jacques

    After working for the U.S. government for 33 years, I have decided to begin a new career in my life by setting up my own international export business.

    But for the past 8 months, have been working hard to find business deals overseas but nothing very concrete has come out yet of my hundreds of contacts. But I remain confident that I will strike the right opportunity one day.

    I will follow your advice when you said: “Keep pressing on! Stay positive. See yourself where you want to be in spite of your current situation.”

    Keep sending your emails and thank you SO much for motivating me.

    Your brother Jacques in Los Angeles, California

  4. Yvette

    Greetings my brother,
    I believe that your message is from the Creator as he speaks through you. I give thanks because I now have the spirit within to say what needs to be heard. I’m a writer and motivational speaker I’m so happy to have found your web.
    May peace be with you,

  5. Geoffrey

    Hi Godefroy,
    You are one person I truly identify with. You encourage me greatly. I am an upcoming author and motivational speaker in the field of business and entrepreneurship in Uganda. I consider you my virtual mentor, and I think we look alike let alone a similarity of our names

    When I received an e-mail over the weekend I was over the moon because this advise is what I needed to end my year with. I know you are physically far away but what about guiding me directly on my ambition.

    Geoffrey Ayebare
    Kampala, Uganda

    • Rene Godefroy

      Thanks for sharing Geoffrey. Glad I am making a difference. Keep pressing on! You have what it takes.

  6. Tracy

    I want to thank you personally, I have started to write my book. My deadline is Feb 26. My birthday I would like it to be completed. I believe I will be done before then but wanted to have a deadline in place. I found you on google and Iam excited. You make it seems so easy. Since the World is waiting to hear me I have to get started. I know I will be a great speaker, and Author.
    You have really Got me on Fire on wanting to write a Book (which I hate writing)

  7. Annisha

    Hi Mr Godefroy,

    I haven’t receive an email from you in a long while so I was extremely surprised and excited to wake up to one this morning and as usual I was totallk blessed.

    This email came at a very good time because I am seriously thinking of starting a business and I me telling myself that I have so much to learn and am not as good as the other people in that business etc….basically just second guessing myself….thinking am not “good enough” yet to go on my own…you get the picture.

    So the timing is perfect. Thanks a mil for remembering me…lol. You inspire me.


    Antigua- West Indies

  8. dhia

    thanks, keep making nice videos my friend.

  9. Brenda Smith

    Thank you for continually sending me emails. I have been unemployed since February this year and needed some positive information.

    Brenda Smith
    Coffs Harbour – Australia

    • Rene Godefroy

      Hi Brenda,

      Keep pressing on! Stay positive. See yourself where you want to be in spite of your current situation. Make sure you create or join a mastermind group with like minded individuals. Your circle of influence can make a huge difference in your life and career. Better yet, make sure you find it in you to encourage and uplift others. It’s impossible to pick someone up without picking yourself up as well.


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