How To Be A Great Salesperson Even If You Are A Rookie

Have you ever felt like you’ve reached a plateau in your sales career?

In the first few years as a salesperson, you were doing excellent. You went from learning how to be a great salesperson to being a sales superstar.

You acquired lots of new accounts, and your commissions were skyrocketing.

Your calendar was full with appointments. You were closing new deals left and right. It seemed as though you had the Midas touch.

Then, you reached a plateau. Your income is now stagnant.

Meanwhile, your bills and personal responsibilities continue to go up. You also have to maintain your comfortable lifestyle.

So, why is it the prospects and money stop showing up?

Well, it may be many things. Maybe the problem is because of the sluggish economy. Maybe the competition is getting tougher. Perhaps the digital revolution has shifted the way customers buy.

Although those may be true. But, I believe…

The real reason your sales career is not advancing may shock you. It’s not what you think.

The real reason your sales career is not advancing may shock you. It’s not what you think.

The fact is, no matter how things have changed; there will always be a demand for your product or service.

Customers will continue to buy.

The money will continue to flow in the economy. In fact, the number of prospects and money flowing in the economy are increasing.

So, why is it you are not doing as well as you used to? Okay, let’s explore this together.

First, I’m going to assume as a good salesperson. You already mastered some of the basics of selling.

I’m thinking about superb product knowledge, building rapport, or being a good listener.  You might even mastered some of the good NLP (Nero Linguistic Programming) strategies to ethically connect and influence others.

If not, there is no shortage of sales books out there on how to be a great salesperson. My friend and mentor, Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of several of them.

Jeffrey has a ton of other learning materials on his website and youtube. Learn from him. He is one of the world’s most respected authorities on selling.

That said, I am not going to attempt to share with you another sales technique. I prefer to stick with what motivate salespeople to kick their excuses goodbye.

I want to share with you what it takes to be and remain and excellent sales person. The kind of sales person who can predict the size of your paychecks. Here it is:

Remain A Rookie Salesperson

That’s the secret to rising to the top of your field in any economy.

Do you remember what it was like when you were a rookie salesperson?

There was a fire in your belly. You were willing to do whatever is necessary to close more sales.

You didn’t have too much pride to keep calling or chasing prospects even when they were not returning your calls. Am I right?

Not long ago, I keynoted a conference for CoreLogic. The presentation was for a division of their sales force.

There was a sales awards presentation before I took the stage. One of the awards was for “the rookie of the year”.

One young man who had just started with the company was the recipient.

During my presentation, I gave him a copy of my book. I also gave him this advice.

Never stop being a rookie.

Then, I turned around and told the seasoned salespeople that they need to remember what it was like to be a rookie. In other words, they need to get back to basics.

Here’s a sobering fact for you:

If you are not one the top 10% of the successful salespeople in your field, it’s because you are too successful. Yes, little success can be a trap. It can cause you to get complacent and start coasting.

Yes. Read that sentence again and ponder over it.

You should never be too successful or significant to chase prospects. It’s okay to sound needy or hungry even when you are a top performer.

You Gotta Be Starving

I never forget when I first arrived in the US. I had two shirts, one pair of pants and five dollars to my name. I didn’t speak any English. I had no resources or connections.

I quickly discovered that most US citizens were too satisfied and comfortable.

They took things for granted.

They didn’t have the fire in their belly to pursue the American Dream.

My attitude was different. I was a rookie. I was starving.

I was willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed in this wonderful country of plenty. I was driven and determined.

I woke up every day with the drive to go hunt for something.

I was constantly thinking about how to get ahead in this country.

You should have the same attitude. You should wake up every day starving and ready to burn your ears with the phone.

Let me state the obvious here:

Your prospects don’t go to bed with you on their mind. They are already busy and distracted. It’s your duty to chase them.

Turn Every Rock

Turn Every RockWhen I was a kid in my poverty-stricken village in Haiti, my cousin Jude taught me a great lesson.

We used to go fishing together.

We would catch some river shrimps from under the rocks to use as baits.

I learned that you never go in any area in the river where Jude already went.

You would not find ANYTHING. You see, Jude used to turn every single stone.

What about you?

Are you persistently turning every rock? Are you calling every qualified prospect in your territory leaving nothing for the competition?

I’m pretty sure that’s what the young rookie who won the award was doing. You see, most rookies tend to knock on every door. They are relentless and driven.

Unfortunately, once they become professionals, their flames slowly begin to extinguish. They no longer have the same zest, passion, and drive.

They get into a comfort zone and park there. They stop turning the rocks. They stop learning and growing.

Admittedly, there are times when I tend to be comfortable. I spend too much time celebrating my success.

I have to remind myself to stay starving and keep turning the rocks so I can get more speaking gigs. I have to keep doing the things I used to do when I was a rookie motivational speaker.

Let me conclude with this:

Now is the time to start charging ahead. Wake up every day with the mindset, drive, and attitude of a starving rookie. Chase more prospects with less pride.

I would love to hear your feedback.

Are you still doing the things you used to do when you were a rookie salesperson? Are you still burning your ears with the phone calling on prospects?


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