Are you ready to skyrocket your influence, social impact, and income? Learn how to reinvent yourself into whomever you want to command respect, admiration, and make money.
This is a noisy world. If you are just like the rest, nobody pays attention, and you will suffer in your business or career.

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have a person who is the personal brand of their business. Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos have more followers than their companies.

The number-one question our clients are asking is, “Should I brand my business or myself?” The answer is yourself. With an irresistible brand, you can sell anything.

Whether you have a business or you want to climb the corporate ladder, a strong personal brand is critical. A compelling personal brand will transform prospects and suspects into raving and loyal fans. It can take your career to levels you have never imagined and skyrocket your income.

In these 6 weeks of intensive Zoom calls, you will learn how to build an irresistible personal brand that positions you as a respected influencer in any field.


  • How to position yourself as the definitive expert in your field to dominate
  • How to crush it on camera like a television pro
  • How to create the look and feel of top TV shows on a dime
  • How to use AUTHENTICY to boost your credibility and be the lighthouse at work and in your social circle
  • How to make sure your brand is like your unique DNA by having a clear and consistent look across all channels
  • How to share your personal stories to trigger identification and get your audience to say, “Me too!”
  • How to create a brand promise that positions you as the answer to the marketplace’s pain point
  • Exactly what to share with your tribe to convert them to raving and loyal fans
  • How to be omnipresent so those who love you and hate you can see you everywhere
  • How to leverage Google to create a trail of digital footprints
  • How to have rock-solid confidence to influence others
  • The tools you will need to establish yourself as the definitive authority in your field
  • YouTube secrets to get your first 10k subscribers
  • Instagram secrets to monetize your audience
  • The framework to create epic content that stops people dead in their tracks

Rene started in extreme poverty and disease in a tiny village. He arrived in the US as a broke immigrant unable to speak English with one pair of pants, two shirts, and five dollars.

Today, he is one of the most acclaimed influencers, sharing stages with global leaders. Now he is ready to share his secrets on how to go from being unknown to being a highly respected influencer. It’s time to step out and shine your light.



Because of the level of interaction and attention we give to our students, space is limited to only 12 people.
We are starting in 3 weeks. Reserve your spot today!