Work Isn’t Where Fulfillment Resides

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According to a Gallup’s survey, 85 percent of employees are not happy in the workplace. They are disengaged and unmotivated. Their job does not fulfill them.

The problem is, most people show up for what they can get from work. They go to work to make money, afford to pay bills, or take vacations.

Basically, they are using work to solve their problems. That’s the wrong way to find fulfillment and happiness.

Work is where we serve and contribute. Work is supposed to be where you express your fulfillment. Your work or business is not supposed to fulfill you. It’s where you express your inner fulfillment.

When you are fulfilled, everything in your life seems to be fulfilling. The job you hate appears to be a stepping stone for bigger things in life. The boss or client who makes you miserable is now your teacher.

It’s the same for your relationships. Do not wait for a friend or spouse to fulfill you. If you do, you will eventually be disappointed when the person is no longer doing the things that make you happy.

Our problems are not our jobs or businesses. We are the problem. Happiness or fulfillment is an inside job. Work on yourself daily. Start rewriting the stories in your head that make you feel unfulfilled.

Just ask yourself this simple question, “How can I make this situation meaningful to me?”


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