Be You! Do You! Everyone Else Is Taken!

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Today is April 21, 2024. Leave a comment below!

I was speaking at an event and I mentioned God. A man from the audience got up and left. He then called the meeting planner on the phone and attacked her. He said he will never attend the conference again because the speaker kept mentioning God. 

Now, I wasn’t religious on the stage at all. Thankfully, the meeting planner was not happy with the man’s comment. She told him that it’s his choice.

I would never change anything in my speech because of that. We shouldn’t diminish ourselves or change our values to satisfy others. Be you my friend! More about that in a moment.

Back in January, I sent an email. Someone was offended. “ChatGPT and AI were the subjects of our conversation.” I simply said AI is going to wipe out millions of jobs and create millions of other jobs in the process. He thought that was the devil. I sure you read that email. Right?

Boy, I have so much to share about this devil thing. When I do, some will be really offended. Others will finally know how to get direct contact to God instead of relying on some preachers, gurus, or teachers. I’m talking about what I call speed manifestation.

Listen, I know the potential danger of AI just like I know the potential danger of fire or water. They can all wipe out the world. However, I would never dwell on that. God is in control. Whatever happens, whether good or bad, is ultimately His doing. It’s not my job to interfere. 

Here’s the biggest takeaway:

If you want to please everybody, you will never enjoy a good life on this planet. You will be miserable. Most people never get to live their dreams because of the fear of what others will think or say.

The reality is, haters and jealous people are going to criticize you whether you do something or do nothing. Whether you talk about the devil or God, someone will get offended. Go figure!

Do you realize how much hate comments I get on social media?

I LOVE it. I know haters are haters. As the saying goes, “hurt people hurt people.” Any time someone says or does something to hurt another person, it’s because they are hurting inside.

That said, if I ever offend you with something I say, know it’s not my intention. Instead of creating a negative vibration in your life, just unsubscribe. There’s a very visible link below every email to do so.

However, I can assure you that you will continue to be offended. If it’s not about my email. The offense will come from either a friend, family member, pastor, or co-worker. The issue is NEVER what they say. It’s about what’s already going on inside of us.

Hope that was useful to you. Keep pressing on! It’s not too late. You are not too old. You are not too young either. You are exactly where you need to start.


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